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Velvet Fabric by the Yard for Sale

Everyone loves the look and feel of velvet, and there are numerous applications where it can be used both in the household and commercially to great effect. For instance, velvet is perfect for a luxurious-looking costume, and brings elegance and visual appeal to many different crafts undertaken by amateurs.

Then of course, there are the obvious uses in curtains, draperies, and upholstery, all of which can literally bring a room to life with expressive beauty and richness. Whatever uses you have in mind for high quality velvet fabric, you’ll want to find the best possible source for your material, with all the relevant factors taken into consideration.

What makes velvet so useful?

Velvet fabric has many more applications than those long, beautiful window coverings you see gracing the homes and apartments of so many people. They are often used in the lining for costumes and clothing, as well as coverings for pillows, sofas, chairs, upholstery, and even headboards, which should provide clear evidence of the wonderful versatility offered by this terrific fabric.

In addition to its visual appeal, velvet is well known for its ability to absorb sound and for its insulating qualities. This makes it especially effective as an energy saver, since it keeps cool air in during warm weather, and keeps warm air in during cooler weather. As a heavier fabric, it has the ability to keep sound from escaping outdoors and bothering neighbors, and to isolate sounds within a specific room so that other rooms throughout the household are undisturbed.

What makes Lushes Curtains the best source for velvet fabric?

First of all, Lushes Curtains offers very high quality velvet fabric, so you always know you’re working with the best material for your velvet craft project. If you’re customizing drapes or curtains, you’ll appreciate the fact that fire-retardant velvet fabric can be purchased at Lushes to add safety to your household, and deter the spread of any fire which might occur. In some situations, this quality can literally be the difference between safety and disaster. In addition to this treated fabric which resists flames, you can also purchase flocked velvet and 100% cotton velvet by the yard from the Lushes inventory.

Anyone buying on a budget will appreciate the fact that Lushes Curtains offers high quality material at prices significantly lower than their competitors, and at a cost that will fit practically any budget. Velvet by the yard can be shipped anywhere in the world by Lushes Curtains, and to make your purchase even more affordable, shipping is absolutely free of charge! In terms of quality, convenience, affordability, and a genuine desire to satisfy the customer, there is simply no better source for your velvet fabric needs than Lushes Curtains LLC.


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