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Top 7 Reasons to Prefer Shower Doors over Shower Curtains

Top 7 Reasons to Prefer Shower Doors over Shower Curtains

As the world is evolving, different trends are coming out every day. In the life of a human, all they need is practicality with the additional services of comfort and style. Shower doors are a little detail that is neglected by most of the people when they are setting up their homes.

Even in the process of renovation, one can opt to upgrade from shower curtains to these doors. This will add a whole new experience in their lives. Here are the top 7 reasons to prefer doors over shower curtains.


Enhance Bathroom Space

shower doors

This can be a major concern for most people because when they have the traditional shower curtains, they are unable to use the space efficiently. With shower doors, you can get the most out of that space. There could be shelves mounted on the doors or even hooks to hang things.

The curtains fail to provide these services and you get more stability with such doors than you get with the shower curtains.

Better Protects Water Leakage to Outside the Shower Area

shower doors

When a shower curtain is used, the water is not completely kept out from spilling everywhere, as it is not providing better seal because of being soft and folding. On the other hand, the doors provide better sealing options that keep the water from spilling everywhere on the floor.

Reduce Problem with the steam. In the cool winter days, or the days when people like to take warm showers, there is a problem with the steam, which spreads in the whole area and makes everything damp including the mirror surface which is very annoying for most people.

With these doors installed properly, you will forget about this problem as almost all of the water, steam will be kept inside the shower area, and this will keep your bathroom dry and fresh.

Much Easy to Wash and Clean

shower curtains

With shower curtains, it is a very hectic job to clean them properly as they first need to be removed then they need to be washed properly and, in the end, they need to dry or else they will not smell fresh. And the worst part is that this process needs to be repeated frequently if your shower curtains are made from materials including fabrics.

Doors are fixed at their place and the best thing is that they don’t make your place smell bad if they are damp. If you need to wash them, all you need to do is to get your regular cleaner and you can dry excess water off the doors with a dry cloth.

Reduce Replacement Cost: Shower Doors Are Everlasting

shower doors

With materials like PVC. Plastic and glass, the replacement costs are getting lower every day because they are almost everlasting if they are taken good care of. On the other hand, the shower curtains require a lot to maintain a good experience.

Shower curtains can be torn easily and they get worse after some time so they need to be replaced, sometimes the railing needs to be repaired or replaced along with its hooks, which is a very costly and time taking process while with these doors, the biggest replacements will be hooks or door handles.

Show off Bathroom Tiles and Detail Designs

As this is the modern world of style and innovation where everyone wants to get exclusive designs for its interior. Sliding shower doors are a great option for making people notice your aesthetic design inside every part of your house.

With the transparent glass doors, one can look outside the shower compartment and feel the artwork, which is done inside the bathroom. On the other hand, there are options for bling doors for which you can get your custom designs for making these doors look more pleasing.

Fab glass and mirror custom shower door installation process allows you to build the bathroom of your dreams. All you get at the best prices among the market with satisfactory services for the special doors or even.

Easy to Use: Get Rid of Sticky Curtain with your Body

shower curtains

With the shower curtains, this is the most common problem that they are very likely to stick to your body and this feeling is very gross because the shower curtains are not clean every time. Sometimes they are dirty, and you hate the feeling of touching a dirty shower curtain with your clean body.

Shower special doors are the perfect solution for this problem as they are hard, so they do not stick to your body by themselves, they don’t even touch your body unless you do. The best part is that they get clean and wash every time someone takes a shower.

Shows Elegant Appearance

shower doors

Elegance is the thing that is considered by almost every person nowadays. Shower curtains get wrinkled with time and they need to be replaced now and then. Even if you are taking the best care of your shower curtains, they are not as elegant as these doors are.

Such doors are hard and straight, so they provide an overall sleeker look. They are mostly kept clean and they don’t need more repairs, so they are in their original condition and they look good.

Another good thing is that they keep all the wet mess out of the whole bathroom, which keeps the whole area fresh and gives a very pleasing experience.


If you are the person who is looking for some suggestions for upgrading his bathroom space, then we will suggest using the shower doors as they are more useful and practical than the curtains. And they give a modern, sleek, professional, and clean look to your place.

If you are confused about where to get your special doors and mirrors from, then Fab Glass and Mirrors can be the right choice for you because they provide the best products at the best prices with the best services.


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