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TOP 3 High-Tech cleaning tools for your home

TOP 3 High-Tech cleaning tools for your home

The world of cleaning devices is raising its standards every day. They are making inventions that are way beyond the human imagination. Countless comparisons have been made in trying to find out which device is the best. However, there have been new innovative advancements that have led to the improvement of these cleaning machines to achieve a better cleaning performance. Let us have a look at some of them that you can consider having in your home.


            The Roomba 890 as I had earlier said doesn’t deviate from the earlier has almost the same measurement with the other designs with 13.9 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches in height. It has a bumper ring with a perimeter of 890 that withstands the pressure that the vacuum experiences as it bumps into furniture and walls.Additionally, it has a handle on its top part which allows users to move it with ease.


•  AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system

The Roomba 890 has a three-stage cleaning system that involves:

•  extraction
•  agitation
•  The suction of dirt and debris.
•  WIFI support

            There is a recent feature that came recently for the Roombas. The Roomba 890 is among the four other Roomba which has WIFI support. It enables you to control the device from your home mobile app irrespective of the place you will be any time. Don’t Let your house stay dirty while you can clean it even if you are a vacation in any part of this world. The home mobile app allows you to set cleaning schedules.

•  Alexa compatibility

            You can use Amazon Echo,Amazon Dot or any other Alexa –powered device to deliver voice commands to your vacuum cleaner. You can command it to recharge itself or start cleaning.

•  Dual mode virtual wall barrier

            It is a navigation control device that restricts the Roomba 890 from cleaning the areas that you have restricted. Once it senses the infrared beam, it will not cross. You can do this where your dog is food bowl is or other areas depending on your choice.

The DEEBOT N79S robot

            N79S is also a resourceful cleaning option. It is usually fitted with multiple cleaning modes and a smart motion system for perfect cleaning. The different cleaning modes are suited for specific cleaning jobs.


-Selective Cleaning modes for various messes

            The various modes that the N79S works in include: The auto mode which does general cleaning, spot cleaning mode is applied when a thorough cleaning is required in a specific area, and the edge mode comes in handy when cleaning particular edges.

-Smart home system compatibility

            DEEBOT is compatible with Amazon Echo while being controlled using an App. These centralized systems allow you to maintain and direct your DEEBOT

            Other features of the N79sinclude Automatic charging where the DEEBOT automatically returns to its station for charging when the battery is low. It also allows for a schedule where you only set your cleaning time

Dyson v8

            The Dyson v8 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that has a good battery life, multiple power modes, ability to be used as a stick and handheld vacuum and several cleaning tools. It can be the best choice for any user. The only disadvantageous aspect is the price tag.You will have to have a reasonable budget to own one. However, don’t let that stop you from experiencing outstanding performance of Dyson v8!



This mechanism helps in trapping all the allergens thus purifying the air in your house.

•  Ease of use

It has a trigger grip, and its major components are positioned at your hand.This makes maneuverability and cleaning ceilings, and easy task since most of the weight is at your hand.

•  It is quiet

It is drastically quieter than v6, making cleaning comfortable and less strenuous. The lower-sound frequency has made vacuuming a silent activity than before since excessive noise output has dramatically been reduced.

•  It is light

Battery and motor components are positioned near the hand thus shifting the center of gravity making it light. It weighs approximately 2.6 kg. Hence it is manageable despite larger bin and the new motor components


•  It is light hence it is easy to maneuver
•  It has good suction power especially when it is at the max mode
•  It is cordless hence you can take it anywhere in your house

•  It doubles the price of its competitors
•  It has no place to store attachments
•  Max mode can last under ten minutes


The final words

These were the best high-tech devices for your carpets. Of course, many others brands can perform a good carpet cleaning, for instance, Shark. The brand produces stick vacuums,like Rotator and Navigator but, still, these are not high-tech models for they are manually controlled and are not robots. You can find more information about the difference between shark navigator models in other articles. And this article was devoted to the high-tech robots themselves.

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