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The Barrel Shack Interview

What inspired you to start these creations?

People want authentic, one of a kind items that are attractive and also practical for everyday use. Our founders have always loved hand crafted items and have always had ecological concerns at heart. So, creating amazing products from all sorts of materials was the inspiration that drove us to start The Barrel Shack.

Was this supposed to be fun in the beginning?

Yes, of course it was. Creating things is always fun and sometimes a little frustrating. The great thing is that it’s still fun!

How long have you all been creating these unique exquisite products?

Our products have a long history often being used as something else before we give them a new life. The Barrel Shack in this incarnation has been going for over year now

Is there a physical shop that customers can visit to see the artwork or is it just an online shop for the time being?

Currently, we are solely online. It allows everyone to avail of these great designs and add some uniqueness to their home. The internet has allowed us to grow our business so much and find the right sort of people who are in love with our products and the whole craft way of life.

Do you all ever have any art shows to display the talent of these artists?

The Barrel Shack currently isn’t involved in any active exhibitions as of this moment. It is something that has been in our plans for some time now, so never say never.

Our main focus has been to keep our loyal customer base happy, without them we wouldn’t be where we are today, our customers continue to reinforce vintage products still speak to them in an authentic way.

Name a few pieces of artwork that would you like to have for your own personal collection? Whether it be from your collection or any other artwork?

I love the Gabrielle Stool – it’s an amazingly eye catching piece and so comfortable. The iron work legs and the leather with its beautiful stitching really stands out. The Caroline bag is also beautiful – made from repurposed canvas and leather it’s rustic and has a lot of charm. You just know it has history.

What’s the most interesting piece that you all have created?

The Alice ottoman is one of the favorites. It’s made from old military tents, which lends to a lot of questions. The canvas could have been used anywhere in the world in all sorts of different instances and adventures. Hence it’s named Alice after Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

I noticed that most of the products seem to have a certain style to them, what audience are most of your products catering towards?

We cater towards people who want items that have history, have a story to tell and also people who have a sense of style and know what they like.

What is the website that our readers can view your unique style of pieces?

You can find our site at

Are there any social networks that are available for them to stay in contact or to find out about future projects?

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Google +


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