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Silent Gliss Systems: The Complete Guide

Thinking about automating your lifestyle and investing in a Silent Gliss System for your home, office or business? Deciding to invest in an automated curtain system is a great starting point but if you don’t know much about Silent Gliss and how to go about the planning process then you’re in the right place.

Available in a variety of styles and fabrics to suit your window space and lifestyle needs, Silent Gliss is an easy-to-use system with the touch of a button or automated setting. As well as adding a luxurious feel to any home or working environment, Silent Gliss is a high quality, smooth electric curtain track or blinds system for convenience and added security. Automated tracking systems are also great for operating high curtains easily and protecting items from the damage of continuous sunlight exposure.

The below infographic, created by, is your complete guide to Silent Gliss. The infographic outlines in a clear and numbered design – what exactly Silent Gliss is, the available products to plan into your space, the sustainability factor due to its long lasting design, as well as outlining any maintenance factors involved.


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