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Lushes Curtains Create Luxurious Mood with Economy Pricing

There aren’t many things that impart the feeling of luxury and silky smoothness the way velvet does, and that’s one of the qualities that make velvet such a wonderful choice for the curtains gracing your home, business establishment, or other commercial setting. There are other fabrics which you might use of course, and even blinds will do the trick for screening out harsh rays of the sun and maintaining a private atmosphere within, but velvet takes intimacy to another level.

Why choose velvet curtains?

Most interior decorators and household caretakers understand how curtains can easily become the focal point of any room they are hung in, unless there is an intentional effort to minimize attention on them in favor of other furnishings. In the case of velvet curtains, this is a very good thing, because the more you pay attention to them, the better they look and feel, and the greater sense of elegance and sumptuousness they offer to their surroundings.

Of course, there are some practical benefits to using velvet curtains, apart from their incredible sensuousness:

  • Because of its density, velvet is one of the best insulating fabrics, so this can add genuine warmth to any room or large area, in addition to the general feeling of warmth they bring
  • The pile of velvet fibers is very receptive to the dye with which it’s colored, so velvet can take on a deep, color-rich appearance, especially when more vivid colors are used
  • The nap of velvet fibers allows it to catch and reflect light as it moves across the fabric, accentuating the soft folds and drawing the eye of the observer
  • Velvet comes in a variety of different looks and feels, based on the characteristics of fibers used in its manufacture, or on the manufacturing technique itself. This permits velvet to take on the qualities of linen, with thin striations and a drier, more casual touch, whereas silk velvet, at the summit of fabric opulence, projects a deeper, ‘wetter’ appearance, and an unforgettable feel.

Velvet is special

Over the years, velvet has justly acquired a reputation as a special kind of fabric, owing to its visual and tactile appeal. That’s what makes it such a great choice for adding the perfect touch to any room that you want to be a bit above the ordinary, and to stand out tastefully and elegantly.

Other applications

While Lushes Curtains are a fantastic way to create the right mood and ambiance in nightclubs, lounges, and restaurants, those are not the only venues which can be wonderfully enhanced by just the right luxurious curtain panels. Lushes Curtains are the right choice for your home, your workplace, the school environment, churches, and many kinds of special events. Create the perfect movie theater environment with the long, flowing intimacy of Lushes Curtains strategically placed around the theater – or do the same for your home theater, and enjoy an even more intimate and personal movie experience!

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