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Importance of Servicing and Maintaining your Air Conditioning

Without your air conditioning your home would not be they comfy and cosy home that you love coming home to every night – so why not take as much care of it as you do with your car? We are all guilty of neglecting our air conditioners needs compared to our cars as we all have that fatal feeling when our cars get something wrong with them so we all take every measure to ensure no problems occur. We put in fresh oil and water, check the tyres and take our cars for yearly mots and servicing – but why not our air conditioning?

We use our air conditioning systems as much as our cars (if not more) so why do we all neglect to take the right care for them? As with your car, when we take proper care of our air conditioning and ensure it is serviced and maintained every year, the units will work more efficiently and last for many years.

Many of us tend to forget about our air conditioning’s needs because there are usually big costs that come along with servicing them as many engineers charge a fortune and do not do the job properly. It is very difficult to find an engineer who knows what they are doing and Breeze Installation are one of these very few businesses:

It is recommended that each unit be serviced once a year.  To beat the rush we recommend that you schedule the service of your air conditioner unit in the spring.  This routine check-up will prolong the life of your units and ensure proper operation as units should last 12-15 years.

At the yearly AC unit inspection, the professional will check thermostat settings to ensure their accuracy, tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage, lubricate all moving parts, inspect the condensate drain, and check all of the controls of the system.  The engineer will also clean the evaporator and condenser coils, check the refrigerant level, and clean and adjust blower components.

Without these regular service checks, your air conditioning runs the risk of accumulating a range of problems, from water contamination to gas leaks or airborne bacteria which can cause your air conditioning unit to break down. In fact, if you are a business and have a larger air conditioning system you are legally required to ensure your AC system is checked annually.

It is important to have your system checked by qualified engineers who have experience and know exactly what they are talking about because if your AC unit gets damaged you will incur massive costs and could possibly have to buy a new AC system. Regular maintenance checks will ensure that your air conditioning unit is in tip top working order, running efficiently and doesn’t catch any nasty bugs which could cause it to break down. Also, by ensuring you have regular maintenance checks you will not have any nasty surprises of your AC unit breaking down and causing you to pay huge costs for emergency call outs and repairs.

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