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How Your Blinds Can Impact Your Energy Bill

How Your Blinds Can Impact Your Energy Bill


Choosing a window treatment for your home can be quite tricky, especially since there are many options to choose from at the market. You can either go for blinds, drapes or curtains. However, if you want to go for a more affordable and convenient option, blinds are the way to go. Blinds come with different types to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that matches your preference and the room’s aesthetics.

Blinds are not only affordable to purchase; they also help to reduce your energy bill a fair amount. They help to lower your energy during both summer and winter, making them the perfect window treatment all-year-round! Going for this type of window treatment will be a more practical choice, both for your pockets and your homes.

Choose the Right Blinds

When your goal in purchasing blinds is to save on your energy bill, your main choices could be honeycomb cellular shades, blackout blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, and thermal blinds.

When it comes to choosing, consider what type of fabric is available that can hold heat the best. There are blinds available with dual fabric layers, which contain both light and dark colors on each side. The light colors help to match the room’s theme, and the dark colors are beneficial for holding heat.

Furthermore, you should choose the right kind of curtains for every room, as it’ll help to add to the beauty.


Install the Blinds Properly

You might think that this is pretty standard, but if you plan on lowering your energy bill, you should install your blinds as close to the glass and adjoining wall as possible. When you’ve mounted your blinds this way, you’ll be able to prevent any heat from leaving your home, allowing you to make the most out of your heating unit..

Placement of the Blinds

If you want to keep the heat away from the room, you should consider installing blinds outside your house. This way it’ll catch the sun’s rays before they even hit your windows. However, opening and closing them will take more effort, as you need to head outside every time. While there are remote-control options, these can be quite expensive.

During the winter, you should go for interior blinds that trap the heat from your heater to keep the room cozy and comfortable, as exterior blinds will not help as well in trapping the heat inside your home.

You must place your blinds properly depending on the season so that you can avoid any heat coming in or heat loss inside the room. With proper placement, you’ll be able to save on your electricity bill either way.

When to Close Your Blinds

To help you to save money on your energy bill, you should know the right time of the day to shut your blinds. You should be closing your blinds all the way during the summer, to prevent the hot summer sunlight from coming into the room.

When very warm sunlight hits your glass, heat floods the room, making you feel uncomfortable and hot. While opening the windows will help prevent the heat from touching your window, it won’t help to keep the room cooler.

The best thing that you can do is to use blinds and have them fully closed so that even if the sun hits the glass, it won’t pass through the room; this allows you to open your air conditioning units and enjoy the cool air in your home without losing energy.

When you open your AC without blinds, it will continuously run hard to achieve the set temperature. This can lose you a lot of energy.

When to Open Your Blinds

As mentioned earlier, blinds are perfect for all seasons. During the sunny winter days when the wind is cold but the sun is hot, you might want to let it come into your room.

You know that hot sun during winter doesn’t happen all day and will be gone after a few hours. With blinds, you can better control the amount of light coming through your windows.

During the summer nights, you should open your blinds to let the heat escape the room, making it cooler and reducing the need for an AC.

Consider Reflective Blinds

While blinds help to reduce heat transfer to the room, reflective blinds reflect light and heat, making them the optimal choice for energy conservation.

Reflective blinds act as your window’s sunglasses; they’re clear, but still, benefit the room immensely. Don’t underestimate the reflective blinds. They might look sheer, but they do an excellent job of reflecting light and heat away from the room.

While reflective blinds help to reduce the heat coming in, they allow for lots of light, helping you to reduce your energy bill by not having to turn lights on during the day. They also reduce glare by 90 to 97%, reducing eye strain.

It’s All About Insulation

Blinds help to reduce the energy bill by promoting proper insulation for the room. Even if the sun hits the glass, it won’t enter the room if you have your blinds down. They act as a physical barrier between the outside heat and the interior of your home.

Without blinds during summer, heat will freely enter your room, forcing you to use your ACs a lot more in the higher temperatures, which can cause additional energy loss. On the other hand, if you don’t have them during winter, heat from the heater will escape more easily.

Either way, blinds help you to achieve the temperature that you’ve set for the room. They allow you to reduce your energy consumption, saving much more money in the long run than your initial investment cost.


Blinds don’t just add beauty to the room; they also help to keep it at the temperature you intended.

Blinds help to insulate by reducing the exterior temperature from leaking into the room; this allows you to achieve your desired temperature much more quickly. You’ll be able to trap the interior heat, enabling you to spend less on your energy consumption and – in turn – reducing your monthly bills.

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