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Home guide: How to decide which robot vacuum is right for your floors?

Home guide: How to decide which robot vacuum is right for your floors?

This is the right platform for you if you are thinking of buying the best robotic vacuum. Engineers at robotic companies have been working tirelessly to come up with automatic floor cleaners. In this review am going to discuss the most awesome robot vacuum floor cleaners like:

1.  Irobot Roomba 880

It is the best robot floor cleaner for someone who suffers from allergies. Just in one session, it is capable of cleaning different floor types. Dirt, debris together with allergens are easily removed since Roomba 880 removes the tiniest particles from the air. The robot returns to its charging station automatically for recharge in case the battery runs low during the cleaning process.

Irobot Roomba has side sweeping brush and rubber brush rollers for cleaning corners and the wall. Maintenance of this robot is straightforward; you only need to disassemble the vacuum to clean the rollers.

Roomba 880 does have some limitations. It dustbin is quite small and therefore has to be emptied often. It also takes longer to clean a room and compared to other models. Its units are quite a bit loud.

2.  The Neato Botvac D80

Neato botvac is the best robot cleaner for a person who has pets. Only because this robot floor cleaner has the highest capability of picking hairs that pets shed compared to other robotic floor cleaners. The robot can go even to smaller spaces due to its D Shape design.

Neato is designed in such a way that it automatically recharges itself whenever its battery runs low and then continues to clean from where it left. It also has a smart navigation system that allows it to navigate easily in your rooms.

Neato has a limitation. It can get stuck on rug fringes and cords quite easily.

3.  Bobsweep Bobi

Bobsweep Bobi is one of the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners. This robot works efficiently with fewer efforts and therefore the best to consider while buying. Bobsweep while fully charged can work well for two hours; this time is enough to clean your room. It is also installed with a dirt sensor to detect an area in the room which is dirtier and concentrate more there.

Bobsweep also has a ledge sensor, which helps it from constantly knocking the walls. The ledge sensor also keeps the robot from falling down the stairs. This is also one of the quietest robotic vacuums in the market.

The only limitation for this vacuum robot is that it lacks virtual boundaries. Therefore it becomes a problem if there are mall areas in your home that you don’t want it to clean.

4.  Irobot Brava Jet 240

This robot vacuum is more efficient for hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors frequently collect dust, no matter how often you sweep them. Brava jet is the best for this floor because it is a wet mop. Brava jet uses cleaning head and precision jet spray that vibrates to loosen dirt from the hardwoods and are therefore collected so easily.

Brava jet has several cleaning pads available for the device. Whenever cleaning is done, the machine is lifted and the cleaning pad removed. Irobot  Brava jet does not vacuum the floor hence people have an issue with that. It also does not contain auto recharge device, and it can only be used when you are at home because it has no scheduling features.

5.  Roomba 980

Roomba 980 has a unique feature of cleaning deep pile carpets, multiple rooms and all types of surfaces in your home.

Roomba 980 is installed with iAdapt 2.0 navigation that helps it avoid obstacles as it navigates through your home. It also has a sensor that helps it avoid falling down stairs. Furthermore, it also has a control system where you decide where it should go and where it should not go. This robot vacuum also has wifi capabilities features. To get the job done, it automatically recharges itself. Roomba 980 is expensive compared to the other vacuum cleaner robots, but it has all the features one may want a robot vacuum to have.

6.  Deebot ozmo 930

Ozmo 930 is installed with technology that allows you to draw or pinpoint the area in your room that you want to be cleaned and those to be avoided. The cleaning areas are mapped by laser-based navigation. After scanning the cleaning areas, the robot itself plans the efficient path it will use to clean your home.

Ozmo 930 has floor sensing technology that makes it change its cleaning pattern to either mopping mode or vacuuming.

It also increases its sanction power when it comes across a carpet automatically for deeper cleaning. It also has the latest mopping technology that helps it detect water flow and therefore stops or controls it to ensure efficient cleaning results.

Ozmo 930 is also an automatic charging device, and it goes back to clean from where it left. It is one of the expensive deebot products.

7.  Deebot 900

Deebot 900 is installed with smart Navi mapping technology that helps it map the available space and automatically choose the pattern of cleaning. Using ECOVACS app, you can select the cleaning modes and also draw boundaries of where to be cleaned and where not to. You can also prioritize areas where you want cleaning to be more concentrated on using the app.

Deebot 900 goes back to the charging area for recharge automatically then resumes cleaning from where it left. You can also schedule the device into a daily cleaning routine hence no need of setting it up daily. It is an example of a vacuum cleaner with minimal noise.
Deebot 900 is also expensive and requires someone who can use the ecovacs app to plan for it.

8.  Deebot 601

Six hundred one give your floor the best possible care. It does effortless cleaning for three stages.

This deebot has a V-shaped main brush and edges cleaning brushes. With just a single pass it lifts, sweeps and vacuums, hence thorough cleaning of hard surfaces as well as carpets.

You can monitor the device from anywhere so long as you have an ecovacs app. Deebot 601 is also compatible with Google home and Amazon Alexa. It can automatically return to its dock station for charging hence no human intervention required.



I described several most interesting and efficient robot vacuum cleaners in the market, therefore, Roomba and Deebot fight is the hottest one. In this review, you can get a closer look over these two robot vacuum brands and choose the one you will prefer according to its functions, options, and parameters.

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