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How to choose a pool vacuum for above ground pool

How to choose a pool vacuum for above ground pool

Pool vacuums are known for their benefits of helping us keep our pool clean. They are designed to suit different pool size and type, and you need to be careful while buying. When searching for the best pool vacuum for your above ground pool, you need to consider certain factors to ensure you pick the perfect model. Fortunately, this article will show you how to choose a pool vacuum for an above ground pool. It highlights some of the things you need to keep in mind while selecting a pool vacuum for your above ground pool.


Since you will need to lift the pool vacuum to your above ground pool, then you need to be careful with the vacuum’s weight. You need a lightweight, portable yet powerful pool vacuum cleaner that will make it easy for you to have it in and out of the pool.

Pool Size

Different pool vacuums are designed to work effectively for a particular pool size and that why it matters a lot. While picking your model make sure to check the maximum pool capacity it can clean. Additionally, the pool size will determine how long it will take for the pump to clean the pool. If you need the pool cleaned in a faster way, then you need to pick a powerful and big sized cleaner.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is usually the battle between the energy usage of the pool vacuum and the speed it gets to have the pool thoroughly cleaned. You need to consider the unit speed setting and the power it will consume. If you need your pool to be washed in a faster way, then you will need to go for a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner. However, keep in mind that the higher the powerfulness, the higher the power consumption and the bigger the electricity bills will be.

Filtration system

The vacuum cleaner filtration system determines the efficiency of the pool cleaning operations. You need to be sure to check the performance of the vacuum filtration system so that you can get a perfect model which will do the cleaning faster and thoroughly. After all, the last thing you need to do is to redo the job again after spending hours waiting for the machine to complete cleaning your pool.

Bristles and Brushes

Yes, you might have picked the best vacuum cleaner for your above ground pool, but the unit might not be able to clean the calcium deposits and algae. It’s for that reason that you need to make sure the model features a set of powerful and sturdier bristles to scrub the grime and other debris off your pool floor.

Some cleaners do not reach the pool corners and steps and a vacuum cleaner especially the automatic ones, come with brushes that can reach the edges and the steps brushing off the dirt and the debris from those areas. You need to make your model feature them if you need a model that will leave your pool super clean.


Is your pool vacuum cleaner for above ground pool manually driven or is it an automatic unit? How easy is it to have inside the water and operating? You need to answer these questions before making your choice. The best above ground pool vacuum cleaner needs to have a simple way of controlling itself while cleaning and an automatic cleaner is the best. The vacuum cleaner also needs to have the capability to climb the walls to ensure nothing is left behind.

Movement Pattern

For the best cleaning efficiency, the pool cleaner should have a movement pattern that will make sure it covers the whole pool. Usually, when a vacuum cleaner moves in random, it might take longer to clean your pool. Pick a model that comes with programmed movements.

Ease of Use

How well will you be able to use the vacuum cleaner? A good vacuum cleaner for an above ground pool is that model that requires little input from the owner to complete the job. Some vacuum pool cleaning machines come with timers that allow you to turn them on and leave them to do the cleaning. An example is a robotic vacuum pool cleaner. Meanwhile, other pool cleaning vacuums tend to get stuck to ladders, corners, and steps. So, if you do not want to intervene every time it gets attached, you need to make sure you read the customer reviews of those products.

Cord and hose

An above ground pool cleaning vacuum require a long cord and hose which will allow it to move freely inside the pool. Mostly, some manufacturers sell their products with a cable and a hose while others do not. If you have a tube already, there is no need to pay extra bucks to buy another. While selecting your best model, you need to make sure the electric cord is long enough to allow free movement. You need to take the measurement and measure the distance from the power outlet to the pool furthest corner. Additionally, get along tangle-free hose that will allow the vacuum to have free movements and not get tangled.

Bag availability

While some vacuum cleaners come with permanent bags which collect the debris from the pool, other feature removable debris baskets, and others are equipped with replaceable bags all to make pool cleaning and maintenance super easy. It will all come to personal preferences. Pick a model that you feel will give easier time cleaning it after the pool cleaning job is done.


A pool vacuum cleaner is a machine that can be subjected to a breakdown that you had no hand in. It can be a manufacturing defect or a shipping problem. You need to make sure the product you pick comes with a warranty which will cover you against such inconveniences. Be sure to read all the limitation on the warranty before agreeing to it. Also, the most comprehensive warranty is always the best.


With all the above information, choosing the best pool vacuum for your above ground pool will now be a breeze. Everything in this guide is meant at assisting you in finding the right model that will fit your pool. So, it’s vital that you make sure you take into account everything so that you can get an easy and great time cleaning your pool.

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