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How To Burglar Proof Your Windows

When it comes to home security, one of the most important aspects to consider is securing your windows from burglary. We often undermine this aspect in favour of other high-tech safety solutions.

Thieves access your house either through the door or windows and it is crucial that you invest in burglar proof equipment for both. Here are 4 ways to ensure safety and eliminate the risk of a burglary:

  1. Reinforced Glass

There are number of ways to reinforce glass through secure materials such as tempered glass, laminated glass, wire mesh glass and bullet-resistant glass. To begin with, tempered glass is one of the most affordable options as compared to the others. It is highly durable than traditional glass and comparatively difficult to break through. Laminated glass includes a layer of vinyl fixed between sheets of regular glass. It is break-resistant and in order to create an impact the burglar would have to repeatedly strike it, causing a lot of noise. Wire mesh glass and bullet-resistant glass are much expensive options but provide extra security options.

  1. Polycarbonate & Plexiglas Windows

Plexiglas windows are known as acrylic plastic windows and have similar thickness compared to traditional glass, but it is 10 times stronger. On the other hand, Polycarbonate windows are an expensive alternate but provide 250 times more impact resistance than Laminated glass and 10 times stronger than acrylic windows. According to Ian Beevis of it could be a good idea to discuss these options with your insurer to see if it helps lower your insurance costs.

  1. Window Bars

These are popular amongst homeowners and are considered as one of the artistic ways of keeping your windows burglar-free. They provide extra protection to your windows because even if a thief succeeds in smashing the glass it is humanely impossible to squeeze through the iron bars. Iron bars can be customised to any design that you like, to provide an appealing look to your windows so that they don’t resemble prison windows.

  1. Window Alarms:

Moving towards the high-tech safety options available for securing your windows, you will find a large selection of window alarms present to best suit your safety needs. A simple window sensor alarms detects if there is a breakage through the window, in such instances the alarm will go off to warn you about the break-in. More complicated window alarm systems come equipped with infrared motion detectors that monitor the area around the window. The alarm goes off before the window is opened or broken. Window alarm systems also come with an extra option of placing an automatic call to the company’s helpline or the local police before the thief can get away.

  1. Window Locks

Heavy-duty window locks can also be the ultimate option for safety against a thief. Deadbolts and other kinds of window locks can prove to be a good burglar deterrent. A window pin lock is a simple, affordable and effective safety method to ward off potential thieves. You can also select vinyl locks and window sash locks for better safety measures to protect your windows.

A good strategy for window security strategy suggests to install strong, durable and visible window locks on basements and first-floor windows and install deadbolts and other kinds of heavy-duty locks on easy accessible windows.

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