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How Churches and School Stages can Save Money on Drapery

If you’ve ever been involved with the purchase of extra-length, heavy draperies used on school stages and in churches, you know just how extremely expensive they can be, and why it’s so important to get the most for your money. One great way to do that is to make sure the draperies you purchase are constructed of high-quality fire-retardant material that will help to prevent your investment going up in flames when fire strikes. Ordinary draperies will not only be the first thing consumed by a fire, they will also provide terrific fuel for the spread of flames, and facilitate even greater damage.

Fire-retardant draperies for commercial use

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established methods for testing various fabrics used in the manufacture of curtains and draperies, with regard to their resistance to the spread of flames. Set forth in the NFPA 701 standard, this code can be used to determine the relative safety of commercial fabrics when a fire situation is present.

Curtains and draperies which have been treated to meet or exceed these standards provide the greatest level of resistance to the propagation of fire in any building they’re used in. When you can install curtains and draperies at your church or school auditorium which have been treated to exceed the standards of NFPA 701, you can have a high degree of confidence that they will strongly resist any fire that might break out.


As long as you don’t have a raging conflagration at your facility, chances are your premises and your curtains will survive the event relatively unscathed, and your investment in draperies will remain intact. Draperies with this special treatment come with a Fire Test Certificate which is your guarantee of the special properties they possess for resistance to flames.

These kind of draperies are especially useful for businesses which are required to pass local fire codes, and to demonstrate compliance in such areas. Where the safety of occupants is of major concern, fire-resistant draperies can literally make all the difference in promoting safety vs. allowing dangerous conditions to spread.


Where to buy specially treated draperies

Just because you want to use flame-retardant materials to protect your drapery investment, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or aesthetic appeal. You can find beautiful, heavyweight velvet drapes that have the luxurious look of an old-time movie theater or auditorium at Lushes Curtains, along with a wide selection of other great-looking draperies.

Best of all, this kind of quality and visual appeal can be affordable enough to be compatible with your facility’s budget, and not cost you an arm and a leg. And if some kind of minor fire event should ever occur at your premises, you probably won’t have to pay for a replacement set of extra-long draperies.


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