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Guide to Choosing an Office Chair

Choosing the right office chair

Choosing the right chair for your home office can be the difference between a productive work environment and an unproductive one. While you might be tempted to scrimp on your office chair, we recommend investing in a high quality one.

Studies have shown that the wrong office chair could lead to decreased productivity, as well as severe health problems like chronic back pain, so this is one area you shouldn’t be stingy on!

Great office chairs are worth the investment!

An adjustable office chair typically has a high upfront cost, but it could be worth every penny. Not only do you avoid having to go to a chiropractor if any back problems come up, the increased productivity in your chair will more than make up for it in the long run. A good quality office chair can last up to 10-15 years!

Here are some tips on choosing the right office chairs:


Your office chair is probably where you’ll be sitting for most of the day. It’s important that you chair features enough adjustable features for you to keep yourself comfortable throughout the day. Seat height, backrest tilt and armrest elevation are some of the features that you should consider.

-Stability and seat width

Depending on your body size and type, you should be choosing a chair that is able to hold your frame comfortably. For example, there are chairs with specially designed wide seats for larger framed people.

-Chair Design and Material

If you’ll be sitting in your chair for long hours, you’ll want the chair to be made of a material that you like. Some people love the feel of leather, while others hate it. Mesh office chairs are one of the most popular office chairs now, but not everyone likes it. So, make sure you get a chair that suits you!

Lastly, you should also be looking at the reputation of the company that sells the office chairs. Most office chairs should be covered by a minimum 1-Year Warranty.

On a Budget? Get a used chair!

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a brand new, state-of-the-art office chair, we recommend going for a used one. Spending more on an office chair that offers more in terms of comfort is better than getting cheaper ones from discount stores that will not only make you uncomfortable for the next few years, but might even cause you health problems.

Good places to look for used office chairs would be craigslist and looking out for used office furniture clearance sales around your area. Test them out before you purchase, and you should be safe!

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