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Five reasons double glazing is a wise investment for your home

Making the decision to invest in double glazing can be a daunting one. Will it be worth the money? Does it really make a difference? Will it look ok? There are many people in the Leeds area who have already made the decision to opt for double glazing and nearly all new build homes feature it as standard.

Double glazing windows are made from two layers of glass that have a layer of insert gas sealed between them to form an airtight unit.

If you’re considering double glazing but aren’t quite sure, here’s five reasons why double glazing is a good investment for your home.

Save Energy.

The airtight way in which double glazing is constructed creates a high level of thermal insulation which reduces the flow of heat in and out of your home. This, in turn, means you require less energy to control the temperature of your rooms.

Installing double glazing in your home will save energy and, ultimately, money. With fuel costs being high at the moment, it could be particularly beneficial to upgrade your windows and reduce your heating bills. It is estimated by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) that if everyone who needed to have their windows installed, they would collectively save around £700 million in fuel bills.

Double glazing is rated on a scale from A – E showing how well the windows will retain heat, resist condensation, and improve the level of sound insulation within your home.

So, whilst double glazing can seem expensive and require a substantial initial investment, in the long run, it should save you money.

Sound Proof Your Home.

As well as retaining heat and energy, double glazed windows also add an extra level of insulation and create a barrier between your home and the outside world, helping to reduce noise levels. And if you want an extra barrier, going with insulated curtains will provide you that much more sound reduction. This can be particularly useful if you live near a busy road, above one of Leeds’ popular bars, or close to a local school.

Retain Heat.

In a typical, uninsulated house, up to 18% of heat is lost through windows. As well as impacting upon the overall temperature of the home, this also increases fuel bills, CO2 emissions, and condensation levels. Single glazed windows are incredibly bad at providing insulation. Cold is transferred through the single pane very easily and consequently reduces the temperature inside your home.

If you invest in double glazing, heat will not escape as easily from your home and draughts will also be reduced. If you’re looking for double glazing in Leeds then Coral Windows can be a good choice.

Resale Value.

Investing in double glazing can also increase the resale value of your property – after all, few people will be willing to spend as much on a property that will require them to make an extra investment to install double glazing. If you live in a relatively noisy area, installing double glazing may also prevent potential buyers being put off by noise pollution.

Extra Security.

Double glazing can greatly increase the security of your home, especially if they incorporate modern locking systems into your windows and doors. Doubled glazed windows are harder to break than single glazed windows and, because they are sealed tighter, it is harder to force them open from the outside.


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