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All about Fire Treated Velvet Curtains

All about Fire Treated Velvet Curtains

A good reason there are few ‘old’ theatres around the world still existent today. They are all susceptible to fire as the equipment has many potential ignition sources of fuels. They were made mostly of wood, oil paints, electrical equipment, and huge curtains. It would only take a candle and crude pyrotechnics for the place to burn down. The odds were almost always against them surviving. The new regulations have transformed fire management in not only theatres but also other places such as restaurants, lounges, and bars. Safety of such public places has evolved with focus on the drapery. Places where a lot of heavy fabric is involved demands extra consideration on curtains’ flame retardant feature. This means that the person responsible for drapery fabrics must be aware of the potential risks of fire. Limiting the extent of the fire should be the point of focus.


Fire retardant curtains are sometimes called fire or smoke curtains. This is because they are designed to keep occupants of a building safe in a time of heat or smoke during a fire. This gives people enough time to think of a way out and the rescue team a chance to salvage the situation. This passive means of safety has spread to many buildings from schools to bars and restaurants. Many commercial buildings have taken up the challenge to improve their fire management standards too. Installation of such curtains is a reliable way to keep staff and customers safe in restaurants, lounges, and bars until there comes a rescue. There are a couple types of velvet curtains; either already come fire treated or can be fire treated

Fire Treated Velvet Curtains

Velvet fabric has always been a great option for those who want to have designer masterpieces in their interior décor. High quality velvet offers noteworthy solutions to creativity for a wonderful design in household, resort, and lounge decorations. There are various types of luxurious velvet fabric available depending on your preferences. The unique thing about velvet is their thickness and softness to the touch. If you want excellent quality you should not just be prepared for spending a fortune on them without thinking about how to protect them from fire. Beauty is not enough without a system of protection for the item and people as well.

Special type of fiber-glass material enhances the ability to withstand intense heat and block smoke. This additional material, therefore, protects the occupants from danger. It can block the spread of smoke and heat from a portion of the building such as a room, elevator, or any section to keep its occupants safe. Despite being very thick, the curtains are often flexible and ideal for a different applications. You may choose from a wide variety of the available

Fire Treated Velvet Curtains

Choosing Fire Retardant Curtains

There are many grades of curtains depending on the level of protection needed or even whether it is a requirement.  Integrating this retardant curtains to a fire or smoke alarm system is a huge technological advantage today. The curtains deploy as soon as the smoke sensors go off. Triggering immediate protection of the residents in a time when no human reaction can be guaranteed to pull down the curtain. In the event that the power is lost during an emergency, the curtains will still fall thanks to backup battery power.


Outside of their role in protection from heat and smoke, these curtains are effective in forming compartments in open spaces. You can effectively divide huge rooms into convenient smaller places. This saves you the cost of building walls or other rooms. They are also more convenient because they are temporal and can be shifted  easily without a major expense incurred.  In restaurants, for example, there could be large open areas for cafeterias and gymnasiums, which jeopardize the efforts to create a protected space. Here, the curtains will create a safe boundary within large, open rooms to guide occupants out of the building with panic or exposure to heat, smoke, or the fire. These are mostly temporal as there are changes, which are inevitable in lounges and restaurants. Luckily, they allow different ways of placement.

Other uses include the following:

  1. Elevator Protection

During emergencies, elevators are vulnerable places you do not want to be caught in. When fire and smoke are involved, elevators become a danger zone as the elevator shaft primarily becomes the chimney to allow movement of smoke up into the building. The spread of fire becomes even easier. The traditional method used is an additional self-contained fire-rated box surrounding the elevator. According to the International Building Code (IBC), architects should isolate each floor from the elevator shaft. However, this is not done considering the cost implication.

A good alternative is smoke-rated curtains with a magnetic gasket to stop smoke from seeping through the elevator doors. This idea saves the trouble of fresh design, which is costly and time consuming.

  1. Stair Enclosures

Like elevator shafts, stair enclosures are known to funnel smoke up and throughout the building. Blocking of the stairs will help control and limit exposure to occupants at each level. Using curtains is convenient because they are hidden when not in use. This means you can maintain the aesthetic value of the building design. It is one of the most vulnerable places, which put the entire building at risk. This is a zone to watch out for when planning for a fire management plan.

Are you looking in purchasing custom made fire treated velvet curtains for your Hotel, Lounge, Nightclub, Restaurant or Bar? Lushes Curtains would love to help. We carry already fire treated velvet curtains as well as others we can fire treat for you. All of our Fire Rated Velvet Curtains come with their certificate to show proof they pass NFPA 701 commercial fire standards. If you would like to learn more about our fire rated velvet curtains we carry. Please visit our website at or contact our sales representative at for any questions, concerns or quotes you would like to receive. We do provide free samples upon request. Hope you enjoyed our read and please give it a rating or comment below. 🙂

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