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Fabric Wedding Decorations

There are many different materials that can be used for your wedding decorations, but no material is more versatile than fabric. Whether you are using a hardy fabric like wool or a delicate fabric such as silk, there is something about real fabric that is much classier than using a paper counterpart. Additionally, since there are so many options, fabric allows you to get the exact color or pattern you want without needing to look too hard.
However, there are a few concerns to consider when using fabric for your wedding decorations, but often times these same concerns will relate to the alternative materials that you would use in its place as well. For instance, if you’re going have flammable items at your wedding such as burning candles or lit sparklers, you probably want to have flame-retardant fabric for your decorations. If you will be serving red wine, you probably want to avoid a white tablecloth and napkins. Here are some fun ideas for using fabric for parts of your wedding decorations.


Napkins are one of those items that every single wedding must have, but usually people just buy the paper type that you throw away. However, fabric napkins are much more elegant and will give your wedding guests a better experience. Additionally, you can wash your fabric napkins after your wedding is over and use them for other occasions.


Though it is more common to see fabric tablecloths at weddings than other materials, you’d be surprised at how often I see plastic table liners at wedding receptions. Not only do they look terrible, but they are also not absorbent so any condensation or small spills just pool on the liner rather than soaking into the fabric. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra couple of dollars to get actual fabric tablecloths to take you event to the next level.

Fabric Flowers

One of the most expensive things you’ll need to buy for your wedding is the flowers, and worst of all they get thrown out as soon as the last piece of cake is eaten! Instead of real wedding flowers, consider either buying or crafting flowers made from fabric for your centerpieces. Not only will they look great and last nearly forever, but you will also save a ton of cash to spend on other parts of your wedding.

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