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Cheap Nightstands Can Still Have Great Features

Cheap Nightstands Can Still Have Great Features

The nightstand is often the first piece of bedroom furniture to give out. Other than your bed, your nightstand is one of the most used pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Not only that, but full bedroom furniture sets often skimp on nightstand construction. If the drawers or shelves are made too cheaply, they will wear out and become useless far before you need to replace the rest of your bedroom furniture.

When it’s time to retire your nightstands and get replacements, you are probably going to be doing so on a budget. Not only might it be difficult to find just the right nightstands to match the rest of your bedroom furniture, you may also have a hard time finding ones that are of a decent construction.

Even if you need cheap nightstands now rather than later, you can still get some great models with the best-loved features. Here are some of the things to look for as you browse cheap nightstands

Pay close attention to drawer construction

Cheap nightstands don’t have to be cheaply made, but the weakest part of a nightstand’s design is the drawer construction. The cheapest made nightstands have drawers that are made up of very thin plywood glued together with a narrow groove to fit together do not last long. If you overfill the drawers by even a small amount the bottom will drop out faster. And once that happens, the drawer really can’t be fixed.

Instead, look for affordable nightstands that have a more durable construction similar to that of your dresser drawers. The sides and bottom should be at least 1/4 inch thick, and fit together with a clear tongue in groove construction. Drawers like these will last much longer and stand up to more abuse, and they don’t really cost that much more if you know where to look.

Pull out beverage trays

How busy is the surface of your nightstands on a regular basis? Most people have the top of their nightstand completely covered with items, especially if a large part of the surface area is occupied by a bedside table lamp. Where do you put the water to take your bedtime medication? Where do you place your glasses or other items you need to put your hands on in a hurry. Plenty of cheap nightstands have a pull-out beverage tray that gives you that extra bit of surface when you need it.

Charging stations

Almost every nightstand designed today is designed with charging devices in mind. Some nightstands have built-in touch charge stations so that your phone charges while it rests on the top of the nightstand overnight. These are not as expensive as you might think. Nightstands without these tech features are still set up to allow for easy plugin of your devices to the nearby outlet. This can be done with cord grommets at the back of an enclosed shelf, or it might be a shelf open at the back.

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