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Advantages Of Reverse Osmosis Water

What Is Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

Reverse osmosis involves a purification process in which all dissolved inorganic solid substances, minerals and other large molecules are removed from water. This is accomplished by applying pressure to the water and forcing it through a specialized semi-permeable membrane which traps contaminants and impurities. Reverse osmosis water is used around the world for purification of water which improves it for drinking as well as cooking and other uses.

Reverse osmosis (common abbreviation RO) was first introduced as home purification systems during the 1970s.  These systems used methods that filtered contaminants and other compounds from the water by making use of semipermeable membranes, as thin as cellophane. Particles in the water that have molecules larger than water molecules are effectively trapped by the filters and removed from the water while smaller particles pass through. In addition to removing harmful contaminants such as arsenic, nitrates and lead, a high percentage of fluoride is also removed. Many municipalities add fluoride to drinking water ostensibly to help deter dental cavities, however, excess fluoride has been found to be toxic and can lead to a variety of health issues.

The Health Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis Water

–              Free Of Lead

The reverse osmosis filtering process effectively removes lead from water, making it safe for drinking. Lead in drinking water can lead to excessive levels in the body, resulting in high blood pressure, fertility problems, nerve development and muscle damage. In children excess lead may lead to severe anaemia and even brain damage.

–              Removes Cryptosporidium

Cryptosporidium is a parasite that is found in contaminated water in lakes and rivers. Once ingested it causes intestinal problems such as stomach cramps, diarrhoea and fever.  In children, this parasite may cause malnutrition and dehydration.

–              Beneficial For Use By Cancer Patients

Cancer patients have severely impaired immune systems and the use of untreated water for drinking and cooking may cause infection by harmful germs and microorganisms. Reverse osmosis water is safe for use by cancer patients during chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

–              Filters Sodium

During the reverse osmosis process large sodium molecules are removed which can be beneficial to individuals with high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease or other sodium diet restrictions.

Advantages Of Reverse Osmosis Purification

  1. Even the smallest particles of inorganic pollutants like chemicals and metals are removed by the filtering process while other methods of purification such as ultraviolet light and boiling only destroy bacteria without removing contaminants.
  2. Reverse osmosis improves the odor, appearance and taste of water by removing dissolved minerals and contaminants that cause an unpleasant smell in water and makes it look unclean.
  3. Reverse osmosis is eco-friendly as no chemicals are produced during the filtering process.
  4. Reverse osmosis eliminates heavy metals that are harmful to health such as mercury, lead and selenium, as well as chemicals and waste products.
  5. Reverse osmosis filters almost all salt from the water which makes it beneficial for individuals suffering from heart disease.
  6. The process also removes up to 99% of bacteria as well as pyrogenic substances from the water.
  7. Reverse osmosis water is better tasting than tap water which often contain high levels of iron, nitrates, lead and sulfur-based compounds as well as chemical residues, making the water high unpalatable. By removing these substances drinking water becomes cleaner and fresher to the taste.

Reverse osmosis water is safer and healthier to drink than tap water and has a variety of health benefits.  Reverse osmosis home systems are conveniently attached to the taps of a home and help to keep drinking water clean and free of heavy metals and other contaminants.


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