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A Quick 101 on Fire Retardant Curtains

There are so many things that can start a fire inside your home and within businesses or entertainment center.  A smoking habit and kids playing with lighters are some of the biggest cause’s indoor fires.  But the most common fire-starter to watch out for in your home and company is as simple as a candle.  Candles are incredibly popular in home use.  Fragrance candles are superb for calming down the entire family and for improving your homes general smell.  Tea candles are also fantastic for creating a romantic vibe or for entertaining guests with a glorious dinner table setting. And candles are incredibly popular during the holiday season because nothing emphasizes warmth and comfort quite like a candle.

The good news is that just because candles are a popular fire hazard doesn’t mean you have to stop use them.  The best way to still enjoy your luxury candles is by investing in fire retardant velvet curtains.

Why fire retardant curtains are so important

A lot of curtains including natural velvets are quite flammable.  Your curtains are also the conduit that easily spreads a fire from the floor area to the ceiling where it can easily spread to other rooms.  With fire retardant curtains the curtains will be much more resilient against burning and will refrain from spreading the fire through the house.

Fire retardant velvet curtains can also increase your chances of survival should you get trapped in a burning building. When all curtains within the buildings are fire resistant the chances of getting out is much bigger since no windows are barred off due to flames.

Yes, fire retardant velvets are just as beautiful

You don’t have to worry about giving away to quality or luxury when you choose to protect your building and its occupants.  Lushes Curtains’ fire retard velvet curtains are made of 100% polyester that weighs only 19 oz per yard.  These curtains are the ultimate choice with regards to comfort, warmth, and luxury because they are double-sided velvets.  They look the same on both sides so you can hang them anywhere you like and even use them as a room divider.  The fire retardant velvet curtains are also surprisingly affordable and available in 11 beautiful colors.  When you buy one of these curtains you are also supplied with a fire test certificate to prove that your curtains are as safe as possible.

Top uses for fire retardant velvet curtains

These curtains can be substituted for any curtain.  Homes can be a lot safer when homeowners choose to invest in luxury fire treated curtains.  The curtains are also superb for restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, bars, lounges, and churches where the fire risk is much higher due to more people.

You should definitely consider switching to Lushes Velvet’s luxury fire retardant velvet curtains, instead of choosing normal curtains that pose a risk to your family or business.  The curtains are optimized with regards to safety, affordability, and luxury and are a perfect choice for those that want to prevent damage.

Fire Retardant Treatment Solutions

If you already own velvet curtains but are not fire treated and would like to get them fire treated. There are a couple of ways you can actually go about getting them fire treated with Fire Treatment solutions that can be easily purchased on Online. Here area few fire retardant solutions we recommend you use if you would like to spray the velvet panels yourself, and if you go about this way you can actually save yourself a lot of money. Instead of having them fire treated by a certified company.

The only down fall from having them fire treated yourself is that you may need to have them sprayed once or twice a year. All depending on the fire retardant solution you purchase. However if you get them fire treated by a certified company.  There is no need in ever having to fire treat the curtains again as the fire retardant solution will be embedded within the fabric. Which will also come with a certificate to proof they pass NFPA 701 commercial fire Standards provided by the certified fire treatment company.

If you own a commercial space like a nightclub, bar, shop, restaurant or even a hotel. Here are Lushes Curtains we provided already Fire Treated velvet curtains for sale which do pass NFPA 701 commercial fire Standards (NFPA 701 Certificate will also be provided). If interested please don’t hesitate and give us a call at (626)434-5145 or email our sales rep directly for  quote at We’re more then happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


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