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3 Ways Your Windows Can Indicate Potential Foundation Issues For Your Home

3 Ways Your Windows Can Indicate Potential Foundation Issues For Your Home

When thinking about the windows of your home, your main concerns are probably things like how clean the window panes are and what curtains you’re wanting to have installed as part of their decor. However, the windows around your home can actually give you a lot of information about your house, especially when it comes to the structure and foundation of the building.

To show you just what we mean, here are three ways your windows can indicate potential foundation issues for your home.

Cracks In The Wall Around Your Windows

When looking at your windows to see if you’re potentially having some foundation issues, you can begin by looking all around your windows for cracks in the walls that hold your windows in place.

If the cracks that you notice happening around your windows onto the walls are diagonal or are coming off from the corners of your windows, those are the ones that are going to be signals that you might have foundation problems. But if the lines are long and thin, you usually don’t have anything to worry about. So if you’re wondering about your home’s foundation, check out the walls directly around your windows to see if you have anything to be concerned about.

Cracks In The Window Panes

Another part of your windows that could be a sign of a bad foundation for your home or other structure is if the actual window panes are cracking.

While a cracked window can happen for any number of reasons, including being hit by something, if you’ve noticed that quite a few of your windows have cracked recently, you should start looking into the foundation of your home. Especially if you’re noticing the cracks taking place on the basement-level windows, that’s a good indication that the cracks are coming from foundational problems.

Problems Opening And Closing Windows

Even if your windows look like they’re in good shape, they can still help you to learn if you’re having problems with your foundation.

If you have windows that are either very hard to open or very hard to close, it could be a sign that your foundation is failing. So while some windows might just stick for one reason or another, if your windows used to open easily but now they won’t, it could mean that your home has shifted on the foundation and isn’t lined up properly anymore. In this case, you’ll want to have your foundation looked at to make sure everything about your home is still safe and up to code.

If you’ve been wondering about the foundation of your home, consider looking at your windows to see if you can tell that there might be any issues worth digging into a little deeper.

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