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Wear These Velvet Shoes

Velvet is a versatile material that has many uses. We see it used in stage and movie theaters for classic stage curtains and even seating covers. Velvet is also used in crafts, interior design, and modern home furnishings. What many people don’t realize is that velvet has been making a comeback as a fashion statement in various types of clothing. We’re seeing …

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Nightclub Overnight Makeover with Velvet Curtains

The lifeblood of a nightclub is a continually changing round of bands, comics, DJs, special events, theme nights and promotions. The more excitement you build, the hotter your reputation becomes. And that’s what draws a steady stream of patrons. Add the Feel of Luxury with Velvet But it doesn’t matter how many thrills you promise in your ads if your …

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Make your Stage Stand Out On A Budget

Curtains are crucial to decorate any stage you want. Without the proper usage of perfect curtain a huge lack of impression is prevailed everywhere of the stage. Finally, this incompleteness result in a bad experience of the memory. We all expect outstanding decoration while performing any social activities. We decorate our stages according to our needs with various types of …

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