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Inexpensive Staging Tricks To Help Sell Your Home Quickly

Are you getting your home ready to sell? Do you want to sell your property quickly at the best price? Then, you need to check out these affordable home staging techniques. These small changes can help your home attract buyers who are ready to offer top dollar for your home. The best part of these home staging techniques is you …

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Product Inspiration: Basement Upgrade

Looking to Upgrade your basement into a Home Theater Room, on a Budget? Watch this Video with Kelsey On the House, as he guides you through these easy DIY tips to make an inspirational Home Theater in your basement, you’ll be proud to own! Watch as Kelsey shows you how to easily use our Velvet Curtains in your basement to …

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5 Ways to Improve the look of Your Home With Our Velvet Curtains

Some home improvements are costly. New floors, bay windows, crown molding; all of it adds up. Window treatments are an easy, fun, affordable way to improve the look of your home. What kind of window treatments should I buy? There are a good many window treatments available at Lush Curtains.  Some are sheer, some are opaque, some are drapes and …

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Set A Statement With Velvet

Nothing sets home décor off better than velvet curtains. If you want instant luxury, then hanging drapes or curtains made of velvet fabric will give your home the look of royalty. Velvet gives your home a cozy look as well as making a fashion statement. Velvet curtains never go out of style and they come in fabulous colors, from red …

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