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A Quick 101 on Fire Retardant Curtains

fire treated velvet fabric

There are so many things that can start a fire inside your home and within businesses or entertainment center.  A smoking habit and kids playing with lighters are some of the biggest cause’s indoor fires.  But the most common fire-starter to watch out for in your home and company is as simple as a candle.  Candles are incredibly popular in …

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How Churches and School Stages can Save Money on Drapery

If you’ve ever been involved with the purchase of extra-length, heavy draperies used on school stages and in churches, you know just how extremely expensive they can be, and why it’s so important to get the most for your money. One great way to do that is to make sure the draperies you purchase are constructed of high-quality fire-retardant material …

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Affordable Fire Resistant Curtains For Hotels

Fire resistant curtains are usually made from a strong weave having a heavy weight, which makes them harder to burn. Light fabrics with loosened airy substance, will fire up more quickly. Fire resistant curtains are attractive, durable, fade resilient, and they also avoid bacteria and mold. These curtains can usually be found in hotels, film theaters, auditoriums, conference rooms, institutions, …

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