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How to Make Your Own Affordable Wedding Backdrop with Velvet Curtains

A really appealing backdrop at your wedding can help to provide truly memorable, stunning photos on the special day, and it doesn’t require a lot of time or money to create that perfect backdrop. When you’ve put together something that has just the right charm and appeal for the occasion, it can literally provide the setting for hundreds of photos …

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Lushes Curtains Now On

Lushes Curtains, a Los Angeles-based business offering velvet curtains, backdrops and tie backs, is now selling curtain tiebacks, fabric by the yard and grommet eyelets through Curtain panels will also be available on in the coming months.   Although Lushes curtains are a beautiful addition to any setting where luxury drapery is needed, these velvet curtains are designed …

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Velvet Curtain Backdrops

Velvet never loses its elegance and sophistication. It has long been used in a King’s palace, for a theatre’s stage and as a backdrop for an artist’s portrait.  And people continue to be obsessed with it. The fact is that velvet has its own unique texture and shine that enhances the beauty and magnificence of the overall environment thus making …

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A Touch of Class

I was recently re-watching the very first episode of “Suits”(a series from USA Network) and I noticed something very peculiar yet strangely reasonable. It was when Mike Ross, the young protagonist, slipped into a job interview for Pearson-Hardman law firm while running from a busted drug deal. This is the very first time where Mike and the brilliant closer Mr. …

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