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Keep your house Warm This Coming Winter with Thermal Cotton Velvet Curtains

If you’ve been thinking of adding extra insulation to your home to retain heat better through the cold months of the year, there’s an alternative you should consider which isn’t nearly as expensive as a full-blown insulation project. Installing thermal cotton velvet curtains in your home can achieve many of the same objectives of insulation, without all the hassle and …

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Cotton Velvet

We’ve all heard of and used materials made up of cotton or velvet. But cotton velvet, a velvet fabric that is made out of cotton is something new and quite interesting to know about. Cotton velvet, as the name suggests is made up of cotton fibers and this material is widely used for several purposes. Cotton Velvet serves to be …

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A Touch of Class

I was recently re-watching the very first episode of “Suits”(a series from USA Network) and I noticed something very peculiar yet strangely reasonable. It was when Mike Ross, the young protagonist, slipped into a job interview for Pearson-Hardman law firm while running from a busted drug deal. This is the very first time where Mike and the brilliant closer Mr. …

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