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Your Roof’s Worst Enemies

Your Roof’s Worst Enemies

No matter how cozy and luxurious the inside of your home is, it is all protected by one thing: the roof structure. Besides the walls, the roof is your best defense against the elements that can be quite violent in many parts of the world. Homeowners do not realize how much the roof is important until it fails and water penetrates their house from above destroying their property and endangering the lives of their loved ones.

That is why it is important to inspect the roof regularly and look for any signs of trouble so you can react in time to prevent any further damage. Because it is sometimes hard to know what exactly to look for, we reveal which are your roof’s worst enemies to be on the lookout for.

Water Damage

Let’s face it: the most dangerous enemy of any roof is water and the damage it can cause. Since your roof is exposed and directed at the sky it gets all the precipitation, mostly in the form of rain and snow. Thunderstorms, hail, and ice are just additional means in which water get atop your house. From there, there is only one way: down. If the roof structure is faulty, then this means that all that water will come down your inner walls and destroy everything inside, reaching as far as the basement.

Especially dangerous are snow and ice that add extra weight to the roof, threatening to topple down the entire structure. If water is left sitting on the roof for a long time, it can get through the seams and rot away the support beams which are usually made out of wood.

Maintaining the Gutters

A part of the roof that is often disregarded are the gutters. They run the length of the entire roof and it is thanks to them that there doesn’t exist a pool of water on your roof. Apart from making sure that there are no leaks in the gutters, which often occur at seams due to poor welding, you have to clean them regularly. Falling autumnal leaves are particularly problematic as they accumulate at the bottom of the roof, blocking the gutters and decreasing their drainage ability.

Keep the gutters clean at all times and replace any parts that are corroded or have fallen off. Spare parts for gutters like the ones Interline Manufacturing offer, come in all shapes and sizes but they are easy to install. Gutter repair can be a DIY job if there isn’t a major structural issue involved.


If water is to damage your roof, then it is likely to give way at its weakest point: the flashing. They are needed in places where a slanted roof conjoins and around any openings, such as skylights or chimneys. Handymen who install them usually do a good job but they too can make a mistake and fail to check if the seals are waterproof. That is why you should do a visual check if a problem with moisture appears. In most cases, the ends of flashing which weren’t properly installed will look like flaps, pointing upwards.

Poor quality Repairs

We have already mentioned that repairmen can make mistakes, so you should choose carefully whom to call in case of a roof fix. If you involve the professionals, you are likely to decrease the total cost, get the job done quickly, and you can count on a professional piece of advice whenever you need one. Don’t think that prospective buyers and agents alike won’t regard a solid roof structure as a major plus for your real estate. This translates into extra cash in the final sale.

The most essential part of roof maintenance is a regular inspection. You don’t need to be crafty and you can rely on professional help but it is up to you to notice the problem and react instantly before it is too late.

Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.


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