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Velvet Curtain Backdrops

Velvet never loses its elegance and sophistication. It has long been used in a King’s palace, for a theatre’s stage and as a backdrop for an artist’s portrait.  And people continue to be obsessed with it. The fact is that velvet has its own unique texture and shine that enhances the beauty and magnificence of the overall environment thus making it desirable.

Velvet Curtain Backdrops are very popular and can be used with utmost flexibility such that you can use it for a number of purposes. The reason why velvet curtain backdrops is a drapery that is extremely popular is because it adds charm and finesse to the overall environment. Here are just some of the ways in which you can use velvet curtain backdrops for several occasions as well as purposes.

Photography – Special Events & Weddings

One of the most common uses of velvet curtain backdrops occurs in weddings or any other special event where the photographer can use it as a backdrop for the pictures of the couple and their families. It is also used in many other parties as a backdrop and serves to provide a great theme or background for the photographs.

Still Life Painting/Product Photography

The Velvet Curtain Backdrop serves as a great background especially for still life painting where you can use it as a background to place your object right in front of it in an artistic manner. It is great at absorbing light thus giving you a smooth painting or shooting experience. It helps you create the shadow and the shine in your portrait or photograph.


Velvet Curtain Backdrops is a drapery that can also be used as a prop in any photo stand for example where there are other props accompanying it. For example during parties or a function people can get their pictures taken in front of these backdrops along with the other props so as to cover the background or fit into a theme.

Wall Coverings

Velvet Curtain Backdrops can also be used as wall coverings especially during any event when you would like to do so. Not only do they help you cover up your walls but also look very elegant and suave.

Room Dividers

Often there may be instances where you might need to divide the room for a certain reason and thus you can readily make use of velvet curtain backdrops to do so. It helps you divide the room in the least time possible without making your room look unusual.

Velvet Curtain Backdrops can be used for all the reasons mentioned above along with several other useful purposes. You can surf our website now to witness our great collection and order now. You can also use these backdrops for any purposes other than those mentioned above.

Lushes Curtains, keeping in mind the specific needs and desires of its customers, features a fine variety of unique and swank velvet curtain backdrops that they can use as per their wish. Not only do our wide variety feature different designs, colors and patterns but also offers small, extra large as well as custom sized velvet curtain backdrops, as per your needs and requirements. So look around to explore our huge collection of velvet curtain backdrops!

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