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Sound Dampening Velvet Curtains For Recording Studios

One of the biggest challenges of setting up a recording studio is having a way of dampening the sound in your chosen space. The go-to solution for professional recording studios is to install wall panels that are designed for soundproofing and sound dampening, but that’s not usually an option for a home recording studio or a smaller studio with a tight budget. Fortunately for those who don’t have access to expensive soundproofing panels, some strategically placed velvet curtains will work just fine.

Convenience and Versatility

The biggest advantage to using sound dampening velvet curtains for a recording studio is their versatility. Velvet curtains – or textiles of just about any kind, for that matter – are incredibly easy to place wherever you need them. Instead of taking the time to install soundproofing or sound dampening panels into your walls, all you need to do is hang a drape or curtain in the best spot for any specific project. You can even move them somewhere else or take them down if you need to in a pinch.

Large velvet curtains are also great if you want to set up a home theater or entertainment area. One of the keys to having a home theater is a great sound system, and dampening the sound in the space with some curtains will help you achieve the best possible sound without disturbing anyone else in your home. You can even create an extravagant home decor with your theater room with some elegant curtains and create a luxury entertainment space without spending too much time and money.

That brings us to the other reason to go with velvet curtains and drapes for your recording studio: they look beautiful. Not every curtain or drape will obviously go with your home decor, but finding the right elegant curtains will allow you to design a great-looking space that also works as a recording studio or home theater. You can even give your home a nightclub-like atmosphere that could be ideal for entertaining guests. Your possibilities are endless.

Luxury Curtains and Drapes from Lushes Curtains

Whether you need heavy drapes and textiles for your home recording studio or you want to add something new to your home decor, Lushes Curtains can provide what you are looking for. We have excellent luxurious velvet curtains of nearly any size and color, and you will be able to find something that fits with your home’s look. We also carry accessories such as curtain tie backs, adjustable curtain rods, tension rods and anything else you may need to install your curtains and make them look their best. For more information about the products and services offered by Lushes Curtains, contact us today. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.



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