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Shorten Your Curtains with These Step By Step Instructions

Curtains that are too long can be terrible for your home.  These curtains are constantly being snagged by pets and children, hooked by cats and other objects and they are frequently torn.  And I am not even going to mention how fast curtains that are too long will get dirty.   They are constantly brushing over the floor, against pets, being stepped on by everyone and sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.  This can make it hard to keep your home refreshed and clean and it can especially be hard to get the damages removed from curtains that were used while they were too long.  Curtains that are too long can also affect the general look of your home because they puff out towards the end and can look messy.  Here are a few tips to help you shorten your curtains so they can last longer and look better;

First let’s consider raising the rod

The thing about cutting your curtain shortening is that you can never uncut them again.  If you plan on moving in the near future then lifting the curtain rod might be a much better idea than shortening your curtains.  Higher curtain rods are in fashion right now because they make rooms seem larger and higher.  Take a good look at your curtain rod and see if you could perhaps raise the rod so your curtain won’t be hanging on the floor anymore.

Step one

If you are serious about shortening your curtains then get them hanging first.  When they hang on the rod you can take measurements and establish just how much must be removed.

Step two

Now take a bunch of nails and pin the exact height you want the curtains to be.

Step three

If the curtains are extremely long you may have to cut them off but for a 30cm shortening or less you can simply fold the seam over or roll it up a few times.

Step four

Pin down the seam again.  If you cut the curtain then a small roll seam will be enough but for bigger areas you may want to take it up much higher before pinning it down.

Step five

Next it will be time for the stitching.  You can use a stitching machine for the process or you can use a needle and thread and stitch the seam in.  Needle and thread is often much better if you want to create an invisible line because you can take the stitches much smaller and stitch the roll seam to the back of the inner curtain and no one will ever be able to tell that you shortened the curtains.

It is best to create a rolled seam for your curtain’s shortening because with a rolled seam you can extend the length of your curtain at a later stage when you move the curtains from one window to another or from one home to another.

Hopefully these five steps will give you a good indication on how to get your curtains shortened all by yourself.

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