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Set A Statement With Velvet

Nothing sets home décor off better than velvet curtains. If you want instant luxury, then hanging drapes or curtains made of velvet fabric will give your home the look of royalty. Velvet gives your home a cozy look as well as making a fashion statement.


Velvet curtains never go out of style and they come in fabulous colors, from red to black and royal blue. They can take the drab look out of any room in your home. They come in all styles such as crushed velvet, piled, Embossed, or Nacré. They act like drapes or curtains from the ceiling to the floor or half way in between.

Velvet curtains are soft and furry feeling, but they are also warm and luxuriant to the sight and touch. They are a little more expensive than other fabrics for curtains or drapes, but they will last longer than other materials.

It requires a special process to manufacture velvet with a special loom with two layers in the finished product.  Velvet fabric can give the look of sophistication and warmth and they will be the first item that is noticed when someone walks into a room.


They will give any room an elegant charm not see in other fabrics, whether you use velvet for furniture or draperies. They grab instant attention to any décor. You can use them as a contrast to other furnishing or team velvet curtains with cushions or sofas made to stand out in a room.

Velvet curtains will transform any drab room into a fashion statement or they can give your room charm and warmth. When looking for draperies to make a room magical, add sheer curtains to velvet drapes. They will lighten any room with colors in Caribbean blue, maroon wine, signature black, lichen green, sand and sheer white. Of course, red velvet curtains are some of the most vibrant and striking to any room, whether it’s the bedroom or the living room. They add energy and enthusiasm to any room in your home. Velvet curtains make a home feel and look like a show piece, but with a charm that can’t be created any other way but with velvet. You’ll feel like you’re living in a showroom of a palace in the Renaissance.

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