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Revitalizing Your Decor With Different Colors

There are lots of ways to breathe fresh life into your home’s decor through the strategic usage of different styles and colors of the curtains and drapes which adorn your window spaces. You don’t need to have the knowledge or expertise of an interior decorator to spruce up your living areas with exciting new ideas that make them come alive, and take on entirely different looks from what you may have had in place for months or years. Here are some ideas you can use to break out of the tired old decor you’ve had in place forever, and replace it with something that sparkles each time you walk into a revamped room.

Luscious red velvet

Velvet is the most luxurious looking fabric in creation, and its inherent weave gives it a deep sense of elegance and style that literally shouts out to all appreciative admirers. Velvet curtains are always in style, and always elevate the decor of any room in which they’re installed, but during the winter months, blood-red velvet curtains can provide not only a stunning visual appeal, but a good deal more warmth. The interesting thing about this warmth factor is that it’s both real and perceived, i.e. the tight fabric weave does prevent warm air from escaping your home, and the visual perception of these beautiful curtains is one of overall warmth and luxury.

Bold color usage

If you prefer to be a little more reserved in your choice of colors for the living room, you can still let loose your creativity and individuality in other rooms in the house. A perfect place for this is in your kids bedroom, where striking wall colors and dramatic curtains are ideal for the high-energy occupants of the room. If you happen to have bunk beds installed in the kids’ sleeping area, another great idea would be to install curtains on a track, so they could provide a measure of privacy during sleeping hours, and add insulation during cooler months.

Build a dramatic entrance

Who says that drapes can only be utilized around windows? If you really want to make a bold statement, and add a touch of dazzle to your decor, try placing luscious velvet curtains at the entrance way to a family room or great room. This will have the effect of enhancing the architecture, and framing the entrance way to create a very dramatic and striking effect for all those who pass from some other room into the family room.

To heighten the effect, coordinate the velvet curtain color with the predominant theme of your family room or great room, so the association between the two is unmistakable, and the mutual support is obvious to observers. The next time you visit one of your friends’ homes, you may even find that this fantastic idea has been borrowed!

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