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Renaissance Theme Wedding or Event

Plan the Perfect Renaissance Theme Wedding With These Tips

Many people shy away from a traditional wedding and would prefer something more unique.  If you want your wedding to be a truly memorable occasion, try planning a medieval or Renaissance wedding.  Of course, planning a wedding is a massive undertaking but anything can be accomplished with a bit of creativity and organization.  As you image your perfect Renaissance theme wedding, keep in mind these few tips.

The Dress

Your dress is something that you can have a lot of fun with if you choose to go with a Renaissance theme.   While white bridal gowns were not worn during the Renaissance period, don’t let that stop you if you wish to keep with this one modern tradition.  You can incorporate Renaissance themes in such things as lace, ribbons, and even hairstyle.  Your groom and bridal party’s attire should reflect the theme of the day as well so be sure to coordinate colors and patterns.


Wedding Decorations

The decorations both at the wedding and the reception will make all of the difference with your Renaissance theme.   If you have your ceremony either outdoors or in a place that resembles a castle, you’re off to a great start.  Whether indoors or using a tent for the reception, consider adding velvet curtains to the surroundings to add to the authenticity.


The Food

You may wish to serve authentic Renaissance-style food for your reception.  If you do, don’t take things too far.  Be sure that the food meets culinary standards and that the needs of all of your guests are being met.  Beyond this, don’t forget to incorporate your theme into your wedding cake with such things as delicate vines or even a dragon!


The Entertainment

The Renaissance period was nothing if not entertaining for the well-to-do.  Unless you are having a peasant wedding, you’ll want to reflect those jolly times with minstrels, jugglers, and even a court jester or two.   Mix in some medieval music to go with your modern favorites during the reception.


Your Guests

If you want your wedding to be one that your guests won’t soon forget, get them involved!  Let them know about your theme through an original and craftily-scroll worded invitation and then invite them to dress the part.  As many will have no idea what a Renaissance-themed wedding entails, it might be a good idea to send them some links to articles or websites that describe the era and the customs.  Also, be sure to let guests know that dressing up is entirely optional.



There are many extra touches that you can add to your wedding to give it that medieval flair.   Have an inordinate amount of flowers and greenery, including herbs and wheat, around the ceremony area and at the reception.  You can even decorate a few of those velvet curtains with vines or flowers.  Also, you can have a medieval-themed guest book, Old English wedding vows, and even medieval wedding bands.

A Renaissance-themed wedding may take some planning and creativity, but these tips should get you well on your way to a wedding that you and your guests will remember for a long time to come.

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