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Nightclub Overnight Makeover with Velvet Curtains

The lifeblood of a nightclub is a continually changing round of bands, comics, DJs, special events, theme nights and promotions. The more excitement you build, the hotter your reputation becomes. And that’s what draws a steady stream of patrons.

Add the Feel of Luxury with Velvet

But it doesn’t matter how many thrills you promise in your ads if your nightclub is boring or uninviting. Once people get into your club, you need to wow them with your décor and make it easy for them to hear the band. And you need to change things up on a regular basis.

Sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Here is a look at how to handle an overnight makeover in your nightclub, using velvet curtains.

Who Uses Velvet Curtains?

Successful clubs all over the country rely on velvet curtains, like those from Lushes Curtains. Clubs from Las Vegas to Manhattan use it to give bare stretches of wall a deep, rich feel. The fabric comes in a wide range of colors, and is available by the yard.

One example is The Huxley, a trendy nightclub in Washington, D.C. It has a ballroom with red wall coverings, mirrors and velvet curtains. The aim is to make the room look like a traditional ballroom. The velvet fits in with the elegant furnishings, luxury hardwood flooring and leather furniture.

Where Do You Use Velvet Curtains?

Velvet is the traditional fabric for stage curtains. Your acts will feel like they’ve made the big time when you use velvet curtains for their backdrop. Because it comes in so many colors, they work with all type of entertainment acts and props.

Because they can be bought in large size panels, velvet curtains are a thrifty, practical way to cover a large expanse of wall without a major investment. This also means it is a simple DIY project to change the draperies overnight.

For a totally different look and feel, switch out the rich, maroon draperies for a cool, elegant gray. The entire room changes, with just one simple alteration.

DJs love it when owners give them their own backdrop made from a velvet drape. This dresses up the DJ station, giving him more authority by defining his work zone.

Add a VIP area and set off the booths with velvet curtains. As a luxury material, it will give each table an exclusive, upscale feel. VIPs love it!

Why Use Velvet?

Velvet is a textile that has several advantages over other fabrics. Here is a look at four benefits it offers for nightclubs:

Block out light. The thickness of velvet lets you cover up windows and reduce the amount of light that gets into your club. This is a big plus for spaces that rent out their rooms during the day for special events.

Insulate the room. Velvet is thick enough to help insulate a big room, keeping in the heat. It is thick and the fibers are dense. This reduces the amount of energy needed to keep it warm in winter.

Reduce dust and allergies. Their thickness helps prevent dust and microorganisms from proliferating in a room. This is an advantage for people with allergies.

Reduce sound. Nightclubs on busy nights are noisy. That means businesses and residences close by are likely to complain. One way to cut back on the sound that filters out is with velvet curtains. Because they are thick, they can absorb sound when fitted to walls in the club.

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