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Use Supreme Quality Thick & Heavy Curtains To Make Your Home Theater More Real

Use Supreme Quality Thick & Heavy Curtains To Make Your Home Theater More Real

Getting home theater room done is one of the dream come true for many house owners. Today, nearly all of the homes are having an exclusive home theater room that satires many movie buffs to see their most loved movies conveniently. Lazing on Friday night in the recliner chair and enjoying your favorite movie with popcorn is something we all love to relish, of course only if you have correct surroundings.

Without properly outfitted room, even the top line of home theater equipment will be lackluster. For those spending million dollar budget, this means solid core doors, thick concrete doors and yards of weather stripping and sound absorbing baffles on the walls and ceiling. However, the majority of us who just want to retro fit the corner of the basement into a home theater or kid’s room there are some simple things that can be done to improve the interiors of the space and lightning.

Preparing the room

Your home theater says a lot about the space. You don’t have to put in million bucks to get the rich theater kind of look. Grasping in some smart and affordable alternative can actively transform your room into home theater.

In a home theater room, the sound dampening is one of the best ways to reduce the outside noise and absorb some reflected sound with in the room’s interior to get that real feel of a theater. The high quality thick and heavy 100 % cotton velvet curtains are the perfect curtains designed for home theaters. These home theater velvet curtains can be a great help in achieving the perfect sound surround bass effect. These curtains are specifically designed in a way that reduces the noise within the home theater room and offers a well-balanced sound reflection and absorption. These are the 2 primary ways to improve home theater sound. While there are many ways to absorb sound and limit noise from outside, however, having velvet cotton home theater curtains not only adds style to the room but also serves the purpose of your home theater.

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Sound Dampening

The very first benefit of installing 100% velvet cotton curtains in your home theater room is an entirely practical one. The thick, draping curtains made out of a plush velvety material can make excellent absorbers of sound. Although; you do not wish to dampen sound completely in a theater room, and want to provide a good balance of sound absorption and reflection. This 100% velvet curtains definitely absorbs the sound, but they leave enough of the walls exposed as to offer a reflective surface as well. The ripples in velvet curtains, coupled with the thick, soft fabric not only absorb sound within, but they help to keep the outside noise out of the room too. Placing them over a door or windows helps to reduce noise from other rooms, or outside that might otherwise it affects the sound.


Light Dimming

In order to get that perfect home theater room, you have to give consideration to the light inside. You don’t want the room to be entirely dark, but want to control the light that is inside that creates the right atmosphere. These 100% cotton velvet curtains are opaque, so having them drawn over windows will eliminate the outside light. Drawing them over doors gets rid of any light showing from underneath or along the sides. With light completely shut out from the doorways and windows with the hanging of velvet curtains, you can completely control the internal lighting in the room.


Stylistic Reasons

The 3rd benefit of hanging velvet curtains in the home theater room is pure artistic. The dark colors, of the cotton velvet curtains help to set the mood while you are watching a movie in your home theater. That rich and dark red, blue, green or black makes the perfect combination décor for the room. These cotton velvet curtains have to be dark in order to block out the outer light, but their attractive appearance, together with their ripples, gives them a natural depth enough to make them visibly interesting. These cotton velvet curtains give your home theater the look of an old fashioned movie theater. They might look vintage but still they are very much practical. In addition to hang them over windows or a door, you can also drape them over the television screen or the projection screen when not in use.

Make Your Home Theater More Real

Searching online for high quality heavy 100% velvet cotton curtains

Now that you know the basics and the benefits of hanging 100% cotton velvet curtains, you are too confused from where to buy, since physical stores have limited options and they are expensive. Try searching online as there are lots of décor stores open offering wide range of varieties in velvet curtains. Also, they are most chosen for their matchless prices. Customers are offered great discounts on their purchases hence, there are more number of online décor stores seen than the physical ones.

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