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How to Make Your Own Inexpensive Extra-Long Curtain Rod

How to Make Your Own Inexpensive Extra-Long Curtain Rod

If you go to any supplier of interior decorating materials or home furnishings, you’ll probably find it will cost you around $50 to purchase an inexpensive extra-long curtain rod for covering your large window. If you’re not intimidated by a little do-it-yourself activity, you can make your own inexpensive extra-long curtain rod for $10 or less, depending on where you go for your materials.

Making your own curtain rods really isn’t that difficult, and when you’re done, you will have saved some cold hard cash, and you’ll feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment as well. Here’s all you have to do, to make an inexpensive and stylish inexpensive extra-long curtain rod:

Gather your materials

For this project, you’ll need the following materials: a 10-ft length of 1/2″ EMT conduit pipes/rods,  two for a regular size window, and three for extra wide windows. Next, get two or three brackets with elbows and nipples, and small nuts and bolts to attach to each bracket to the wall and a can of flat black spray paint or whatever color you wish to use.DIY-Curtain-Rod-Suppliescurtain-rod-from-plumbing-parts

Get your tools ready

There are only some basic handyman skills needed for this project, and the tools are a reflection of that. All you’ll really need a power drill, a pipe cutter (if you want to get an exact length pipe to fit your space), Sand paper and level.

Assemble the support brackets

Using the nuts and bolts, fasten the brackets, and if you want, you can saw off the tip of the bolt that sticks out so it won’t catch on anything. If you choose to do this, be aware that sawing bolts is a little harder than sawing the conduit pipe, because the bolts are solid. Here is a two examples you can use as supports when extending the rods to fit your size window. If you have a large window over 12’wide I would recommend the second middle bracket option so you can have more support in the middle.

Inexpensive Extra-Long Curtain RodInexpensive Extra-Long Curtain Rod

Cut the conduit pipe with a Pipe Cutter

After measuring your windows and adding about 8 inches (so your rod extends past the trim on both sides of the window), mark and cut your conduit pipe with a pipe cutter, and then use the sandpaper to smooth off the rough edges. Now you will nee to attache the rods to the brackets.

Inexpensive Extra-Long Curtain Rod

Attache the brackets to the Wall

Next, you’ll need to drill holes on the walls to attache each of the flange brackets, with the size of those holes matching the screw that goes into the brackets. Make your hole as close to the center of the stub as possible, and afterward insert the Nipple and Elbow to the flange Brackets. Then attaching them to your conduit rods by screwing them on.

Paint your masterpiece

It’s probably best to choose a dark-colored flat paint, because it’s good at hiding scratches, but feel free to choose the color that best suits you. If you like, you can then add a second coat of clear paint to help preserve the flat pain underneath, and to make the whole thing more resistant to scratches and other usage.

Inexpensive Extra-Long Curtain Rod

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