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How to Make Your Own Affordable Wedding Backdrop with Velvet Curtains

A really appealing backdrop at your wedding can help to provide truly memorable, stunning photos on the special day, and it doesn’t require a lot of time or money to create that perfect backdrop. When you’ve put together something that has just the right charm and appeal for the occasion, it can literally provide the setting for hundreds of photos taken by your family members, friends, and all other guests. Here’s how you can make your own perfect backdrop, without breaking the bank.

Backdrop materials

The first thing you’ll need is a frame, which you can find easily on the Internet, which you can hang some lovely curtains from. The curtains will be one of the most important items necessary for creating your backdrop, so you’ll need to find some that are long, beautiful, and inexpensive.

Purchase these from a reputable online vendor who has exceeded customer expectations consistently, and has the testimonials to prove it. Used curtains will do just fine for this situation, especially since they won’t be going in your living room afterward, and that will help make things easy on the wedding budget.

Next you’ll need some really appealing shrubbery such as flowers, greens, and any kind of decorative plant life that conveys the right mood for the occasion, and matches the curtain motif. To bind things to the frame you’ll need some craft wire, and some ribbon or string for securing the curtains and adding a touch of class to the whole presentation.

Assembly process

First, you have to install the frame in an area which is relatively free of other distractions, so it can be the center of attention. This is a fairly simple procedure, generally involving pipes which easily slide together. Party accessory vendors generally provide easy-to-assemble frames, so as to avoid any customer frustrations.

Once the frame has been set up, attach the curtains, either with the string or a stout ribbon, unless your curtains will fit right on to the frame piping. For maximum aesthetic appeal, tie back the curtain panels to create a highly photogenic background scene. Lastly, attach your selected greenery with the craft wire, according to your own taste.

For this step, you’ll probably need a sturdy chair or two, depending on how many exterior decorators are involved with the project, so that you can attach some of the greenery over the top of the frame. You may also want to keep the chairs handy, just in case some of the photo poses will be in a sitting position.

Keep it simple

As can be seen from the above, it doesn’t really take much to prepare a dazzling wedding backdrop, and the effect you achieve can be as impressive as if it were professionally done. But by investing a little bit of time and effort – and far less money than a professional would charge – you can literally have the whole wedding crowd buzzing about your creation.

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