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How to do Your Vintage Velvet Mirror

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own vintage velvet mirror, so that every time you looked at it, you’d be seeing the color, the style, and the elegance that you love bringing into your home? Picture it – your face framed in the mirror by the fabric that royalty chose for themselves, as far back as centuries ago. If you’re the type who enjoys a little do-it-yourself project now and then – and you love velvet as much as most of us do – then this will be a sheer labor of love for you.

Building a velvet-framed mirror

First of all, you’ll need to gather together a wood frame mirror, sandpaper (fine grit), masking tape, paint, a paintbrush, kraft paper, and flocking fiber. If you aren’t familiar with the term, ‘flocking’ is the procedure whereby you deposit a large number of fibers on to a surface in order to achieve a specific effect. In this case, the flocking fibers will be velvet of course.

Next, cut out a large piece of kraft paper and tape it to the inside of the mirror with the masking tape, so that nothing gets on the mirror during your assembly process. Once that’s finished, you can sand down the entire wood frame to make sure there are no rough spots. Now you can go ahead and paint the wood frame, using a color that either matches the shade of your flocking, or complements it by being a shade lighter or darker. Before you start the painting though, make sure you’ve placed another sheet of kraft paper under the mirror, so you don’t drop paint on your work surface, and so you can collect up any spilled flocking material afterward.

Use a plastic squeeze bottle or an actual flocking applicator to apply the flocking material to the painted wood frame surface. Fill your container about half full of flocking material and while the paint is still wet, sprinkle a generous amount of flocking material all around the frame. When you’ve flocked the entire frame in this manner, leave it to dry overnight. The next day you can lift up the mirror and gently tap it a few times on the kraft paper you spread underneath it, to shake off any excess flocking material. Save that for future projects. All you have left to do now is whatever cleanup is necessary, and finding the optimum spot in your home to hang your awesome new velvet mirror!

The Velvet Emporium

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