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How to Decorate with Velvet Curtains

Whether it’s at home, at the theater, at the restaurant or the nightclub, tapestry forms a huge part of any décor; in fact tapestry by itself can define the theme of your overall décor. Curtains and drapes come in a variety of colors, lengths, styles, shapes and sizes. The color and fabric of the curtains you choose can either make your décor look drab, or it can blend with your décor in a subtle or bold manner. For Instance, Velvet curtains are a suitable choice for when you want to achieve a rich yet warm look.

Velvet curtains exude sophistication and loyalty; they also hang almost flawlessly, and they limit cold keeping the interiors warm. Also, these curtains can blend with virtually any décor. If you make velvet curtains your focal point and plan your décor around these tapestries, you can achieve any design you want for your interiors, including an urban hip design, vintage romantic scenery or a country casual atmosphere.

Add a bold touch with velvet Picasso Blue

Blue might have been once a trendy color in the art realm, but it is still a consistent and bold color in the tapestry industry.  Blue velvet can bring a sense of tranquility and a sophisticated kind of boldness to your restaurant, dining room, living room, and even bathroom. So, when thinking of velvet you should consider “shades of blue.”

Dark velvet shades for a cozy yet dramatic interior

Dark velvet curtains create a mysterious yet elegant kind of mood; in fact, these colors in velvet material are great for creating a reading room kind of atmosphere.  Dark velvet shades are also great for making a room look well planned and organized.

To create a sophisticated look for your room mix your dark velvet shades with different fabrics, such as using linen table clothes. For a dramatic design, make sure that your table clothes or seats are of a different color from the velvet curtains you have hang on your windows.

Light colored Velvet

If you are looking for a subtle yet elegant kind of design for your home, then consider using light colored velvet curtains. Pale shades are also perfect for adding illumination to any room, due to the natural grimmer that velvet possesses.  For a modern look, consider pairing light colored velvet drapes with sparkling crystal elements. Also, add interesting metallic pieces on the walls and toss some satin pillows on your seats for a contemporary look.

Earth tones

Earth tones such as coffee brown are great for creating a country or earthy kind of décor. Earth-toned velvet curtains can be matched with leather furnishings to make a room look extra luxurious.

Blue, purple and dark velvet hues are majestic, bold and sophisticated; while light colored velvet shades are subtle, and earth tones are ‘earthy’: these velvet curtain hues can be used to create a dramatic, chic, elegant and even traditional look for your bedroom, living room, dining area, restaurant and even nightclub.

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