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How to Declutter and Organize Your Home

No matter who you are or how much stuff you own, there will come a time when your home feels just a little too cluttered. Sometimes it’s because you live in a small space and simply cannot have too many things lying around, and sometimes it’s because you haven’t had the time to sort out everything even when you live in a larger house. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a disorganized space, kind of like you’ve approached a point of no return. However, there are always ways to take on even the most cluttered living space and turn it into something that feels comfortable and organized. Some people may have to take more time than others to get this job done, but it’s never impossible if you know a few simple decluttering tips.

Set a Goal

Decluttering a large space can be a large project, but it is far easier to accomplish if you set a goal and come up with a good plan first. Know what you want to accomplish with your decluttering project, and decide how you want to go about it. If you live in a large house with several rooms, decide which rooms you want to organize first. If it feels like too much, tell yourself that you only have to do one room of your house or one section of your apartment each day. It will also help to come up with a floor plan that says where everything is supposed to go.

Develop a Sorting System

You won’t need to keep everything in your home, especially if your goal is having less clutter. Before you start going through all of your things, develop a sorting system that will keep everything organized into different categories. Have one category for things you want to keep, one category for things you want to give or throw away, and another category for things you want to pack up and put into storage. This might not sound like part of your reorganizing effort, but it is valuable prep work that will make the rest of your job easier.

Create Partitions

One thing that will make any reorganizing or redecorating project easier is to create partitions in your living space. This is especially helpful if you live in an apartment or if you share a room with someone else. If you have a large living room that you can split into two dedicated spaces, put a couch in between those areas to act as a divider. If you have a studio, use things like hanging curtains or room dividers to create separate “rooms” out of one space. This will help you decide where you want everything to go. Of course, if you have something that doesn’t go into any of your makeshift rooms,put it into storage or get rid of it.

Start Small

Since reorganizing projects can feel overwhelming, it’s best to start small before you do something like reorganize your living room. Doing things like clearing off your dining room table or picking up things that you have lying around may not seem like big jobs, but they will give your home a less cluttered look before you know it.

Put Like Things Together

The last decluttering tip that we have is to keep like objects together. You should have dedicated spaces for your cleaning supplies, toiletries, food items, DVDs, video games and anything else you might own. Keep them all together, and keep reminding yourself that everything should stay in its place when it’s not being used. Once again, it sounds simple, but it will help keep the clutter in your home to a minimum.


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