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How are Velvet Curtains Used for Partitioning Spaces?

Space constraint is a common issue in both offices and homes these days. But constructing new walls or dull cubicle design partitioning is old-school, cumbersome, and costly, so you need to be creative and adopt innovative methodologies to utilize existing space properly. For instance, you have to come up with a more reasonable alternative such as velvet curtains – readymade and customized – that look luxurious & attractive and also double as a wall for residential and commercial spaces.

What is their purpose?

As discussed above, curtains will not cost as much as real partitions such as walls, so it is better to use the former for dividing spaces without spending a fortune. They can be used to conceal awkward areas that don’t have much use or places that are cluttered and messy. Curtains can also create more usable space for storage if you use the open-concept design. Drapes can impart privacy in bedrooms too when it gets crowded so the privacy of occupants isn’t compromised.


What are their applications in homes and offices?

Uses in the offices

theatrical-apartment-design-with-drapes-as-space-dividers-4If there is one large office space, you can use curtains to create partitions between individual offices or several departments. It provides a certain degree of privacy and secure workspace for employees so they can focus on their tasks without getting distracted. Installing velvet curtains entails you to the advantages of an actual wall without having to shell out big bucks and making changes to the office environment construction. This is beneficial for both owners and lessees, because it eliminates hassles pertaining to security deposits or consulting your property manager. The best part is that these curtains can easily be installed within a day.


Using them at home

Vintage-Style-House-A-Master-Bedroom-Interior-Decor-with-Floor-Length-Curtain-behind-the-Bed-to-Cover-Walk-in-Closet-AreaA person requires a certain space (figuratively speaking) in their home as well. A partition offers the perfect opportunity to accomplish that idea and add to the décor at the same time. For example – if you want to section off your living room as it is too big; installing velvet curtains can not just add style to the overall theme of the room but also get you the privacy you wanted.

Other ways for artistic usage of curtains as dividers can involve cordoning off a small dining room from a large living-cum-dining space. This presents a cozier ambience in a private area – if you don’t like it, you can easily switch to another design. In fact, these curtains are now being used solely for decorative purposes in some homes, as they impart a dramatic flair to the room while smoothing out edges in corners.


Why go for velvet?

There are several options when it comes to fabrics, and some of them do a fine job as dividers, but you have to evaluate your requirements before deciding. If semi-privacy works for you, a sheer or lightweight fabric like lace or silk is adequate even if it allows light to pass through the divider to both sides of the space. But if you wish for complete privacy, a heavier fabric like velvet is ideal. It not only adds class and elegance to a room, but also heightens visual appeal. It is advisable to choose double-sided velvet curtains so both sides look the same from all parts of the room. To sum up, these are the advantages of the material:


  • Enhancing the aesthetic value of any room by imparting sophistication and style.
  • It helps to keep the area warm during winter – velvet is an extremely conducive accessory as its thick fibers and dense quality prevent moisture and cold from entering the room.
  • Velvet curtains form a barrier against dust, dirt, and other harmful microscopic organisms, so they can’t spread too much – they are of enormous help if someone is allergic to foreign components.
  • Velvet has exceptional longevity – it will retain its plush appearance for years without snagging, tearing or fading.

Commonly used types of velvet include flocked, fire rated, and cotton. Drapes are available in a wide range of colors and designs – choose at leisure.

What are your options in curtain hardware?

Tie-backs in interesting styles and colors are available, which greatly complement the curtain and create eye-catching contrasts. Nowadays, you get curtain rods in fixed and adjustable varieties – here too you can choose from different shades like gold, metallic gold, white, pewter, antique brown, black, etc. Grommet eyelets can secure the drapes firmly and prevent them from falling or coming loose. Materials include brass, nickel, copper oxide, gold metal, and many more. Customization is possible – for instance, you might want cup hooks along with high tension wire/cable for hanging curtains.

What are the benefits of using curtains as dividers?

Setting up velvet curtains as partitions is a very practical solution when it comes to needing privacy and proper compartmentalization. The benefits include:


  • Wooden screens, fixed or sliding dividers and walls aren’t that effective as compared to curtains and drapes. It makes the space look more organized – you can’t have a gathering of friends in a cluttered environment, nor can you work in messy areas! A neat and clean space is a subtle, but effective motivator.
  • They are quite convenient as it doesn’t take much time to hang them. The setup process is also quite simple. You can go the DIY route here, although large spaces and offices usually require professional help during installation. You can get the design and style you prefer within a short time. Permanent dividers can be constructed by professionals only and pose problems if you wish to change the structure later on. Drapes are a boon for people living in apartments or lofts with limited space.
  • Do you know why counters, fireplaces, book cases, wine shelves, extra tables, and plants are placed in specific areas at times? Curtains add to the aura of the room apart from being useful furniture pieces. Interior designers will often recommend using drapes for creating pleasant backdrops.
  • If you have children or pets running around all the time, a permanent fixture for separating areas might not be a good idea, as they are likely to bump into them. Curtains are a much safer option in such cases.
  • These are affordable and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Yes, velvet in general might be a tad expensive as compared to other fabrics, but it is a solid monetary investment in the long run. If you buy from a reputed dealer, you can rest assured of its quality, which will last for years.
  • Curtains provide room for experimentation and versatility, privileges you can enjoy as a homeowner and at the workplace. Create multiple small rooms from a single large space, or partition one relatively large area, and divide the rest into medium-sized cubicles – the choice is yours! At home, you can generate private areas for the kitchen, bathroom, dining space, living room, and so on.

Before purchasing velvet curtains and suitable hardware inspect your décor thoroughly and evaluate options. Should you pick bold shades, bright & vibrant colors, or softer hues? Be 100% sure the drapes are effectively blending in or contrasting with the overall theme and ambiance of the room. Once your survey is done, you can go-ahead and buy them right away!

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