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Different Ways to Use Old Velvet Curtains for Kids Play

Luxury velvet curtains are a preferred choice for many pristine homeowners as well as for many commercial property owners.  These fantastic curtains give a sense of warmth, luxury, quality, and softness that no other curtain type can possibly mimic.  The quality and durability of these wonderful curtains are also out of this world with a much longer life expectancy than most curtains.

Sadly even the best of curtains do eventually get old and worn down.  But there is still some good news as well because there are plenty of wonderful things you can do with old velvet curtains.  These thick and soft curtains are perfect for kids play and can be used in a number of different ways to keep little ones content and to give your old velvet curtains a second life.

Here are a few examples of fun kids play activities to do with your old luxury curtains;

Make a teepee

All children love a teepee or tent and you can use your old curtains to make a very beautiful and soft looking little teepee that will be great fun to play in. Teepees are great for playing cowboys and Indians, for indoor camping and acts as a great reading nook for tiny ones.

Use it as a grass rug

If your curtains are particularly old then you can still use them as a grass rug or mat.  A large mat is always handy for those times where you want to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun, have a picnic or to simply relax under the trees.

Create a reading nook

Is there an unused corner in your child’s bedroom?  Well, this is the perfect place to create a small reading nook.  Simply add a steel rod to the corner, hang your old curtains there and stuff the corner with soft pillows for seating.  Add a flashlight and a few good books and you have the perfect spot to keep curious little minds busy.

Make a table fort

You can always stash away your old curtain for odd play sessions such as fort building inside the living room.  Make a table fort from the dining room table by simply hanging the curtain over the table.  You can also use all of those loose cushions and sofa’s in the living room to make furniture forts to keep little ones busy on rainy days.

Create a shaded spot

Use old curtains to create a shaded area in the backyard.  There are plenty of ways to get your curtains up in the air.  A good and cheap solution is by building a PVC frame that you can move around with ease.

Old used up and worn down curtains can be one of the most useful kids play items in your home.  Don’t just throw out your old velvet curtains.  Save them and use these precious curtains to put a few extra smiles on your child’s face and to boost imaginative play.

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