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Décor your Dressing Room with Velvet

Whether it’s as an upholstery on your couch or a curtain hanging from your window, there are few things that look and feel as luscious as velvet. This soft, luxurious material was incredibly popular in the 1980s, and it has recently come back into fashion in a big way. Velvet curtains, wall hangings, and upholstery can look great with any decor, especially when this old-fashioned fabric is combined with a modern 21st Century look. Like anything else in your decor, you need to know how to best use velvet when you’re decorating a space, whether that is a dressing room or the VIP room in a nightclub. Here are some tips that you might find useful.

Remember that Less is More

Velvet wall hangings and furniture can give a room a lush and luxurious look, but it should be used sparingly. Not only is velvet an expensive fabric, but too much of any textile can all but ruin your decor. For best results, try to use your velvet elements as accents within a space. This helps them stand out more without dominating the space. A great way to go about this is to have one or two pieces of furniture with velvet upholstery in a room with an otherwise modern decor. If you’re decorating a dressing room, you can use velvet curtains or drapes as accent pieces. Heavy velvet curtains are great for providing privacy, which is something any dressing room will need.

Choose Colors that Fit Your Decor

One of the biggest advantages to decorating with velvet is that you have a wide variety of bold colors to choose from. If you want to create a vibrant atmosphere with colors that pop, you can decorate your space with bright shades of red. If you want a cooler, more relaxing look, consider darker shades of blue or deep violet. If you would prefer a more vintage look, go with more faded colors. Velvet ages incredibly well, and even a new set of drapes or curtains can be made to look faded in a way that looks stylish instead of just old. The bottom line here is that you have plenty of options, and there is bound to be something that will fit perfectly within your space’s decor.

Dress it Up with Accessories

You can also dress up velvet drapes, curtains, and wall hangings with accessories to add a little extra flair to your decor. From curtain rods made from brass or stainless steel to tasseled curtain tie-backs, you have a lot of options. You don’t want to overdo it any more than you would overdo any other facet of your decor, but the odd accessory could be what really gives a space a distinct look.

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