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Curtains for Churches

Curtains for Churches

Every place of worship including a church needs to be sufficiently furnished and nicely decorated in order to make the whole place seem more pleasant, welcoming and likable. If you are planning on getting a church remodeled and redecorated beautifully and that too in a reasonable budget, then you have landed onto the perfect place!
Lushes Curtains offer you an amazing variety of top quality velvet curtains that you can use to decorate the church and give it a more elegant and sophisticated look. Using curtains to decorate the Church makes the church appear even more classy and appealing. Moreover, it greatly enhances the overall look of the church thereby creating a fresh and positive aura among the people present.

How can Curtains be used in Churches?

There are several ways through which you can incorporate velvet curtains in churches in order to give the whole church an overall nice look. Here are some of the ways you can utilize to remodel and redecorate the church using our high quality curtains.

Walls & Windows

You can use curtains on the walls of churches to improve the overall look of the church using fresh and latest themes from our velvet collection. Moreover, you can also make use of church window drapes in order to cover up windows in a nice and decent manner.


We offer a variety of stage curtains that can be used to cover the stage giving it a more classy and decent look. Using stage backdrop curtains to cover stages gives the church a much more sophisticated effect and also helps practically while preparing for a sermon etc.


Room Dividers/Partitions

There are a variety of reasons why churches might require partition and the most practical, convenient and nice way to do is to divide using velvet curtains. Not only do they effectively and conveniently divide up the space but also look elegant.


Why use Lushes Curtains for Churches?

Lushes Curtains offers premium velvet curtains with amazing features and qualities that you wish to invest in. Here are just some of the reasons why Lushes Curtains should be your ultimate choice!

Premium Quality

Our velvet curtains are made of the top quality material thereby resulting in a long-lasting and durable velvet curtain that serves to provide utility for a great period of time. With Lushes curtains, it will be a one-time investment for you.

Amazing Collection

Our styles and designs are extraordinary that differ from conventional curtains thereby giving the church a much more welcoming and pleasing look. Moreover our collection is abundant because of which no matter what color, style or design you may wish to purchase, given the theme of the church, you will find it.

Fire-Resistant Fabric

We carry fire resistant velvet curtains which are great for passing fire codes. So not only are our velvet curtains of premium quality but also safe and practical to use. We use Industry Standard Fire Rated Pass NFPA 701 Velvet Fabric. Which Each Order you Make will come with a Authentic Certification to pass your fire code.

Red Velvet Fire Retardant Curtain Panels | FR NFPA 701 Drapes

Sound Absorption

One of the great qualities that are required in curtains especially for churches is to have sound reduction quality. Our high class velvet curtains are great for sound absorption thereby making them more appropriate for churches.

You can take a look at our outclass collection of velvet curtains and order now to benefit from the quality of our product and reasonable prices!

Are you a designer and looking for curtains for churches or simply looking to get curtains for your church? Contact us for  free quote today! We look forward in working with you soon.

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