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Mother’s Day Sale On Window Treatments

This mother’s day Lushes Curtains brings to you an extraordinary deal that you just cannot miss. We are offering a 10% off on our products from 1st of May until the 13th of May on all our products as part of our Mother’s day offer.
Mother’s day is a very special day that you fully dedicate to your mothers’ in order to express your love and affection towards them. You might be too busy all year but on this day you can express to your mothers how much you still care about them and that you always remember them. It’s a great opportunity to make them glad and furnish your home with Lushes Curtains.

Offer Details

In order to avail the offer, the customer is required to use the coupon. The code to be used is ‘LOVEMOM10’ at checkout, from our site

In addition to this exciting offer there would also be free shipping on your purchase. You can make the purchase directly from our websites or you may purchase from our eBay store after which your sale will automatically be added to our listing.
Also note that our coupon code works for both U.S as well as international buyers however our free shipping offer is only for customers who reside within U.S. You can purchase anything that you want from Lushes Curtains from the 1st of May till the 13th of May and avail a 10% discount on whatever you choose.
So if you’ve been planning on decorating, refurnishing or refurbishing your home then this is a great opportunity for you to avail our high quality products for great prices i.e. after availing discounts. Moreover, you can purchase from Lushes Curtains in order to avail the discount and present it as a gift for your mothers and elate them with things that they will most likely love.

Why Us?

Lushes Curtains offers a variety of top quality products including velvet curtains, backdrops and tie backs. Our products are made from the finest of material thereby ensuring reliability and durability. Moreover, we offer great designs and a variety of combinations and color schemes that you can find according to your needs and requirements. Our main aim is to provide the best customers service and to ensure this we gather together all our efforts whether it is the quality of product, customer service and feedback, discounts and so on.
This very offer is also an effort to offer our customers something that they can not only trust but also avail at a good price. With our Mother’s day offer, you can avail a 10% discount on whatever you decide to buy thereby receiving high utility for a reasonably decent and discounted price.

Make this Mother’s Day even more Special

You can surf through our website and start filling your carts since May is almost round the corner and you don’t want to miss out on an amazing opportunity. This year, celebrate Mother’s day along with Lushes Curtains with love and care.

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