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Window Treatment Design Trends

Window treatment designs can make your home or restaurant look inviting, modern and fabulous.  You can use these designs to showcase your own individual taste and style.  If you are in the entertainment or restaurant industries, then you probably know that your premises’ atmosphere will determine your success in this industry, hence the need to have an attractive design that brings out the theme of your restaurant or entertainment business. Here is a look at some window treatment design trends that you can utilize when deciding your home or business overall design:

Solar screen shades

These types of window treatment designs are ideal for a restaurant setting. Solar screen shades are perfect for this particular (restaurant) use because they block out any annoying glare that might interrupt the serenity of your customers.  They also, allow your customers to enjoy the great view of the outdoors, as they are transparent enough to allow those inside to still enjoy the ambiance of the great outdoors.  Because these shades block out sun rays, they assist in protecting the interiors. These shades can also be used in the home setting, especially in the dining room if this room is next to a large window, which allows guests to take in a breathtaking outdoor view.


Automated and Motorized shade controls

Technology has had a great influence in every sector, including the décor industry, whereby one of the latest trends in window treatment designs is the introduction of motorized and automated shade controls. By automating and motorizing these controls, you will eliminate the need to move from one place to another to adjust the shades to your liking; you will simply press a switch button which will automatically control the shades. In addition, these controls eliminate the need for dangling operating systems, which some consider “disorderly” when they want to achieve a particular finish in their décor designs.


Environmentally conscious window treatment designs

Today’s world is increasingly becoming eco-conscious and for this reason one of the latest trends in the décor industry is making designs that feature low chemical emissions; those that increase energy efficiency, and those that are made using recycled materials. Homeowners and business owners who are environmentally conscious mostly want to achieve décors which have a small negative impact on the environment but still want stylish designs.

Layered décor

The latest décor design trends are slowly disapproving the concept that “less is more”. This is because layered artwork, area rugs, and even window treatments are one of the latest preferred trends. However, this trend has to be done in the right way; otherwise, your space will look cluttered.  If window treatments are layered properly they will add interesting visual effects to your windows and décor. For instance, you can add a liner behind your shades to achieve a streamlined look.

Window treatment design trends are always changing and being updated. These designs (when used correctly) can work well to bring out your décor and achieve the atmosphere you want for your space.

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