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Why Japanese Architecture Is So Special for Us

Why Japanese Architecture Is So Special for Us

Anyone, who has ever encountered Japanese architecture, understands what it means when we say Japan is an absolute design powerhouse. Japanese designers pay attention to detail and, as a result, create unique spaces.

Interior designers from Japan are unmatched because they aspire to bring novel designs to life. So what exactly makes Japanese design so special? Well, to say the least, they look effortlessly cool even though the designers take their time to make them possible. Japanese designers have mastered the art of minimalism, and because of this, their homes are very beautiful.

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Here is why Japanese architecture is so special to us.

It is Minimalist

This is the main reason why Japanese architecture is so special; designers have mastered the art of minimalism so much so that Japanese architecture is incomplete without a minimalist touch. In fact, these two are almost synonymous because the architecture in Japan is like no other.

After World War II, this minimalist approach took root in the Western art world. In Japan, the minimalist design had been exemplified as early as the 15th century. This approach, in the Higashiyama culture, was guided by Wabi-sai’s aesthetic principle.

The principle helps designers and architects to reflect a deeper worldview. When you dig deeper, you realize that minimalism in Japanese architecture is about the acceptance of imperfection and transience. That is why the designs are so simple and authentic.

Space Scarcity: Pet Architecture

Of course, the Japanese mastery of minimalism is second to none, but you should know that that is not all that these architects are bringing to the table. In most Japanese cities, like any other cities of the world, space is scarce.

Japanese architects are appropriating once-neglected, small, and leftover spaces in cities like Tokyo. Whether it is an awkward site or an interstitial space between buildings, Japanese architects are finding a way to make them useful.

This art is known as pet architecture, a term that was coined by a famous Japanese designer to describe buildings that were squeezed into leftovers within urban spaces. Even though pet architecture are born from constraints, they have been repurposed into buildings with interesting forms.

30-Year Lifespan

Imagine a building that lasts for 30 solid years, that’s impressive, to say the least. So Japanese architects do not only incorporate beauty in buildings, but they also ensure the structures have a long lifespan.

As you know, construction is a huge investment, so it only makes sense to ensure that projects are both aesthetically appealing and functional. Today, Japan is home to many avant-garde houses.

Since Japanese homes are usually designed for the immediate inhabitants, Japanese architects focus on making the design as wild as possible. Western architects, on the other hand, are restricted to designing homes for immediate inhabitants.

The downside, however, is, whereas the Western world is always anticipating an increase in value of their homes over the years, Japan does not. This is because a design that worked for one inhabitant might not be what the next one wants.

Final Thought

Japanese architect is both aesthetically appealing and functional. The home designs are so different from what we see in other parts of the world because Japanese designers work with different principles.

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