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Velvet for the Patio: An Indoor-Outdoor Fabric

Traditionally, indoor-outdoor fabrics were very simplistic, and had very little style associated with them, certainly nothing that could have been considered luxurious or even reasonably attractive. Textures of some of these fabrics can best be described as less than pleasing to the eye and to the touch, including some that were a little sticky, some that were scratchy, and others which were extremely stiff and uncomfortable against the skin. Of course, much of this tactile repulsiveness was dictated by the fact that outdoor fabrics had to be at least somewhat weather tolerant, which made fabric choices rather limited.

The new age of indoor-outdoor velvet

During the last decade or so, much of this traditional fabric usage has been overthrown in favor of materials provided by the indoor-outdoor textile industry which are much more plush and soft, while still being having the ability to weather the elements. In particular, outdoor velvet has come along to breathe fresh life into indoor-outdoor styles, and make decorating more of a joy than in years past. Indoor-outdoor velvet can now be used to provide an elegant and inviting appearance, which is soft and appealing to the touch, a far cry from the fabrics of old.

Ideal for the patio or backyard

All this comes just in time, as outdoor living enjoys a tremendous surge in popularity in this country, with many homeowners increasing their living space and making use of appealing natural outdoor settings. During seasons of warmer weather, much of household life which formerly was exclusively indoors, has now been moved outside, into the patio, kitchen, or backyard areas. With this greatly increased usage of outdoor settings, far more decoration is now needed to accommodate those areas, and many more choices are now available to make them more livable and more aesthetically appealing.

New outdoor velvet fabrics resist mold and mildew just as effectively as other high-performance fabrics which have been treated with acrylics or have been blended with weather-resistant materials. The great thing about this is that even the most elegant weaves and the most sophisticated colors and patterns can now be incorporated into indoor outdoor usage for your own enjoyment as well as for that of all your guests and visitors. Not only can indoor-outdoor velvet be used as a very effective backdrop for the outdoor living room or the patio, but your outdoor furniture can also be re-upholstered with it to obtain the wonderful look of luxury and elegance that adds to the appeal of outdoor living.

The velvet company to consult

When you’re ready to take on an outdoor living project, one of the aspects of decoration you should consider is how to add a touch of elegance to your setting. Check out some options at the website for Lushes Curtains to get some fantastic ideas on the direction you might want to go.

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