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Velvet Curtains – Perfect for A Bachelors Home

Once a fabric reserved for kings, velvet is now an affordable indulgence that spices up the decor of any room. For the fashion-forward bachelor, nothing adds a touch of class to your pad like stylish black velvet curtains. From loft-style window walls to stately wood-paneled dens, these versatile decorative pieces can be used to make a statement in any room.

Beyond their design aesthetic, black velvet curtains are a practical solution to many of the light and sound issues that go along with living in a bachelor pad.


Keep Sound Out … Or In
Used in recording studios and nightclubs around the world, velvet curtains are renowned for their soundproofing ability. Live in a happening part of town? If you are a city dweller, full-length, black velvet curtains are an excellent way to dampen the sounds of the vibrant nightlife happening right outside your door. Alternatively, if you like to keep the bass pumping or play Call of Duty at full blast, custom velvet draperies can help keep your neighbors from going ballistic.


Home Theater Must-Have
Whether you already have a fantastic home theater setup or are looking to redo your man cave, a set of black velvet curtains are essential. Perfect for movie marathon or a Netflix night in, black velvet curtains are the ultimate accessory for any media room. Using them to block out light and sound allows for a fully-immersive experience, enabling you to lose yourself in the story. They work even better when you use them to enhance your gaming experience or experiment with virtual reality devices.

Get Some Shuteye
Take a tip from the rich and famous: black velvet curtains are the perfect way to keep your bedroom dark and quiet. For party people and those who burn the midnight oil working, keeping the sun at bay is necessary for getting a full eight hours rest. If you live in a hot neighborhood, getting a little shuteye can be difficult with all the excitement. Installing black velvet curtains will keep the sights and sounds outside where they belong and help maintain your privacy. If you enjoy romantic candlelit evenings, practice safe decor by purchasing bedroom curtains that are fire rated.

Keep Warm 
Black velvet curtains are a stylish way to reduce your heating bills. Take advantage of the insulating properties of velvet by draping drafty windows. Keep curtains open during the day to absorb the warmth of the sun and close them at night to keep it cozy.

Whether you are going for fashion or function, black velvet curtains are the perfect addition to the home of any bachelor. With little effort or expense, black velvet curtains are a versatile, creative decor element that ensures privacy in every room. By the panel or by the yard, take your interior design beyond mini-blinds. Contact the velvet experts at Lushes Curtains, your go-to source for high-quality, affordable luxury.


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