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Using LED Lights to Transform Your Home Decor

The right lighting can transform your home from lackluster and dull to interesting and welcoming in a matter of seconds. The connection between lighting and overall mood and well-being is well documented, with good lighting making a place feel friendly and positive as well as aesthetically pleasing. LED lights are the brightest and best in the latest developments in lighting sources., swiftly converting the populace to their many merits.

The benefits of LED lighting

LED bulbs are far and away from the most efficient of the lighting options safely available to us, using at least 75% less energy, and lasting 25 times longer, than standard incandescent lighting. Because of this, they’re more environmentally friendly and will help keep your energy costs down. They come in a wide variety of colors and are incredibly versatile regarding format because of their finite and compact size, so they can be used in strips, spots, coils, groups – you name it, and LEDs can light it.

For general lighting

General or ambient lighting is the overall even illumination of a room, without a specific focus.  LED lighting is a great way to provide complete radiance to any room in your house, from your kitchen to your workroom, and all the way to the bathroom. Among a myriad other uses, they can be used in sconces, as part of some incredibly creative chandelier or ceiling-centered lighting features, or, very commonly as spotlights spaced evenly across the ceiling.

For task lighting

Task lighting is the illumination of a specific area for performing a certain type of activity. Common and effective uses of LEDs in this context include under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen to illuminate a work surface; flexible spotlight lamps to help protect your eyes for reading or project work; area lighting in workshops, sheds or garages; and to illuminate walkways or staircases for safety.

For accent lighting

The third type of lighting is accent; this is great for creating atmospheric effects and for highlighting certain features of interior decor. Try down-lighting a cozy nook, complete with a luxurious curtain arrangement, to make a feature of your bay windows; up-lighting an inset ceiling for a dramatic overhead effect; encircling the pedestal of a sculpture or ornament; highlighting an interesting architectural aspect of a space or the outside of a building; or illuminating the corners of a smaller room to make it appear bigger.

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