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Transform a Room with Inspired Art and Soft Furnishings

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes, so each one has its own challenges in terms of interior design. Domestic rooms must suit the way the owner wants their living space to look, while public spaces, from offices to cinemas, nightclubs and churches, are designed both to fulfil their function and be visually appealing to the public.

What is the key to interior design?

The true art of interior design comes from the choice of lighting, furniture, art pieces and soft furnishings. Lighting sets the mood and provides accents to different areas. Furniture is what we use in the room, and the way these items are designed and placed has a major impact. Art pieces and soft furnishings can make a room shimmer and dazzle.

Art pieces for stunning accents

A pleasing selection of paintings, ornaments, sculptures and decorative screens give stunning accents in a room. A striking art piece on a wall, like a painting, can provide interest to an empty area with the added benefit of giving color, contrast and a magnetic lure for visitors. Decorative screens, often made of beautifully carved wood and sometimes fabrics, look good either against a wall or placed to divide a room into two areas.

Coverings and cushions

Wall to wall carpets add a luxurious feel to a room, and the choice of color and fabric are important to create the right ambience. Rugs add color and comfort on top of a carpet or a hard floor. Like rugs, beautiful fabric throws can be draped over sofas and chairs. Fabric valences do the same job on beds, and fabric table coverings add protection and color to tables and desks. Cushions fulfill a similar function with the added benefit of comfort. Cushions can be embellished with fabric fringe trims featuring silky ropes and intricate tassels. Such trims, in metallic or regular colors, can also be added to rugs, throws, valences, wall hangings and curtains.

Fabric wall hangings

Tapestries or patterned or single-color fabrics, hung on walls, can create a spectacular effect. They absorb sound, creating better acoustics in home and public theaters, cinemas, nightclubs and recording studios. The soft silky fabric provides a pleasing contrast to the hard substrate beneath. Flocked velvet and cotton velvet are popular choices of fabric for wall hangings.

Creative Curtains

The same type of fabrics used for wall hangings are popular for curtains, which can be an eye-catching feature in a room. In public theaters and cinemas, where large sizes are needed for the stage or the screen, a good curtain supplier will be able to a make a curtain in any custom size, in fire-retardant polyester fabrics. Such curtains are often in a single color such as red, while domestic settings often feature curtains with subtle stripes and other elegant patterns.

Eye-catching curtain accessories

There is an amazing variety of curtain accessories that are both functional and beautiful. Eyelets, rods and poles, tie backs and hold backs with velvet tassels and ropes are used to hold up and control curtains. These accessories can be beautifully ornate and classical, or have a stark and high-tech modern look, depending on the style required.

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